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Wheat Paste is a new zine about guerilla art. It will be one part showcase for found guerilla art, one part how-to, and one part rumination on the importance of non-corporate messages and images in public spacs.

For this zine, guerilla art is defined as anonymously produced pieces of intentional creations in public places, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, images, messages, and combinations thereof, public gardens that are not maintained by a government or corporation, three-dimensional works that augment existing structures such as wrapped buildings, and performance art like Improv Everywhere. HOWEVER, if you partake in or advocate a form of guerilla art not on that list, please consider submitting an article that defends and promotes it as true guerilla art. The purpose of guerilla art is to change things, after all, and what good is it if we get bogged down in what it's "supposed" to be?

Like its subject matter, copies of Wheat Paste will be left in public places. Contributors will receive three copies to do with as they wish. Submissions will be published anonymously; if you must be credited, please include a pseudonym with your submission. The first issue will be quarter size (4.25" x 5.5"). Submissions may be e-mailed to wheatpastezine@gmail.com or snail mailed to Hannah, PO Box 332213, Murfreesboro, TN 37133.

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Do you want art? or writing? Or...
Amy said:
Do you want art? or writing? Or...

Either, both, and more. :^) The portion of the zine that is a showcase for found guerilla art (or your own, for that matter, since it will all be anonymous) is ideal for visuals, but there's room for illustration and photos to go along with articles as well.
would you prefer to do the layouts, or would you prefer us to do the layouts? i can email you some text, or i can print it, do a layout, and snail mail it. whichever you'd like.
Billy Da Bunny said:
would you prefer to do the layouts, or would you prefer us to do the layouts? i can email you some text, or i can print it, do a layout, and snail mail it. whichever you'd like.

If you have something specific in mind for how you want your contribution's layout to look, by all means do it and snail mail it. Any text-only submissions will be included in a homogeneous cut-and-paste format.
Hey is that Po Box address in the States?
We did some guerilla art and put it on slide show on 'you tube'
if this doesnt work google 'you tube' then 'London Face Mina'


thanx good luck
mina and chris
Would non-political, "wake up and smile for a minute for goodness" sake" public art count? I handmake stuffed animals to leave in unexpected places...
Hi, In the future, please post calls for submissions and announcements on your blog. thanks!
Chris, that PO box is indeed in the States. I will check out your video!

Sarah, absolutely! I'm a big fan of the variety of guerilla art Keri Smith creates.

Krissy, sorry! Will do.
hey hannah ...please check out my website ...maybe u can use some of the material in your zine
I haven't done any guerilla art but i'd love to read this zine when its done...will it be up to buy/trade when its finished?


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