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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Dairy River is seeking submissions for Volume 11.  Submissions can relate to any topic, but we would be particularly interested in any of the following:  

  • Deep histories of sounds intentionally generated by machines.
    • telephone sounds
    • early *.wavs
    • early video game music 
    • the history of most of these  
  • The use of samples in music 
    • the sounds of dogs barking and the train at the end of Pet Sounds
  • Non-verbal systems of sounds used for communication 
  • The future of sound. 
  • Anything about sound from a physics/mathematics perspective.
  • Fiction about sounds.
  • Synthesizers

Thanks!  E-mail dairyriver [at] gmail.com to submit or if you have any questions.  Deadline October 11th.  


I'm starting a zine that centers on sexual abuse and assault, with a focus on people who have acknowledged and confronted such things as sexism, misogyny, and abuse in their own lives. Generally people who have been sexual abusive(or any form of gender violence, from the subtle to the extreme) in their past but are committed to examining and deconstructing these beliefs and behaviors. 

Anything in the form of letters, quotes, stories, advice, etc, would be much appreciated. Insights into one's accountability process, things they have learned or still struggle with, analyses regarding cultural and political sexism and how that connects with oppressive behaviors in individual lives, etc. Text varying from a few sentences to several pages is acceptable.

These are just some basic ideas, but it's pretty much free-form in regards to content, as long as the underlying message is clear (as i hope i've made it, if not you can email me for further questions)
If interested, email me your info and writing at eulogyforabird32 [at] yahoo.com
deadline october 20th
Thanks for reading!

 Cuneiform APA: Collecting Unique Notes Expressing Ideas For Original Reading Material

Cuneiform APA is open to people who participate by contributing material on a tri-quarterly basis. Due dates for material will be February 1, June 1, and October 1. Mailing should occur later during those months. Contributors are welcome to send up to 4 double-sided printed 8 X 11 pages of original material related to the following topics: 

  • Zines & Zine Reviews
  • Micro journals and presses
  • Issues related to paper publishing / publishing in general in the digital age
  • Obscure and lesser known books, authors, zines, and music
  • Letters and writing / Postal mail / Mail art
  • Other topics related to philosophy, reading, life, the universe, and everything.
  • No poetry or fiction (up for debate)

 The Official Editor decides whether material is thematically relevant for the APA.

Official Editor from February 2013 through June 2014 is James Dawson. Please mail 40 copies of your material to James Dawson at PO Box 950 Spokane WA 99210.

Copies of Cuneiform will be mailed to each member who contributes material and a couple of dollars toward mailing.

Sugared Water's reading period is open now through January 1, 2014.


SW is a 56 page, half size literary magazine. From the website:
If we could candy words, we’d eat them to bellyaches every afternoon. We carry journals and collect chapbooks like Smaug ripping through a gold-sequin disco. If we’re lucky enough to leave something behind that enriches the dialogue of writerly types around the world, so much the better. Send us your stuff—we’ll only hoard it for a little while.

SW reads poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, and also considers art in all media including comics and sequential art. Up to 4,500 words in prose, 5 poems, or 5 artworks. We are particularly interested in hybrid forms, and will read genre work, particularly speculative fiction.

Request short bio & cover letter with every submission. We read via Submittable.


I am starting a new art zine, based around the theme of “Stuttering.” I am inviting anyone who is interested to creatively express your perceptions, experiences, stories, emotions, or information about stuttering through writing and visual art. I am seeking written material including narrative accounts, poems, and stories; as well as drawings, photography, collage, or any other creative means in which you would like to share your experiences, emotional responses, perceptions, thoughts, ideas, observations, commentary, or anything else relating to the theme of stuttering.

Other ideas: If you stutter, what would you like your listeners to know when you are speaking to them? Can you draw a picture of what it feels like to stutter? Do you have tips or techniques to share? This zine is yet-to-be-named and suggestions for titles are welcome by contributors.

The tentative deadline for submissions is November 1, 2013. The zine will be published in early December. Copies of the zine will be sent to those whose submissions are included.

The format of zine will be black and white, photocopied, 8-1/2 x 11 (half size).

Please email submissions, plus your name and contact info to stutteringvoices@yahoo.com

Also, feel free to spread the word to those who might be interested!

I thought I would talk about the next edition of Under The Influence. It will be called Under The Influence: Well Read, and will be a compilation of essays, stories, comics, drawing, collages etc. all about books and authors and stories you have read. It can be love letters to fictional characters or an essay about the best book-to-film adaptations! If you think you would like to contribute something to Well Read, you can email me at alexandraduguid@gmail.com, or even message me at the Facebook page. 

I have finally decided that the submission due date for Under The Influence; Well Read is SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9!
Please send me your stories, essays, letters, artwork, doodles, WHATEVER all about the books, authors, stories, novel characters you love and love to hate.


The Round Up Writer's Zine is a fresh space devoted to trangressive pieces, dark humor and works laced in sarcasm. In fact we are partisan to works that are edgy and/or possibly offensive.

We are currently looking for submissions for our next
full fledged issue to come out in January 2014.
Submissions include short stories, poetry and essays or

To be considered for our next issue of the Round Up you
must submit by December 20, 2013.

For information specifications and guidelines go to


Soupzine is creating its first submission zine for issue #11. 

The Theme is "Moving Out."

I am moving to a new state yet again, and I wanted to create a zine that shares stories about folks who make the big move. This can be any move: across town, for college, to a new state, for a boyfriend/girlfriend, for love, after a break up, to a new country, for work, etc...

Please share stories, artwork, comics, fiction, non-fiction, poetry...about an experience, advice, misadventures, humor, lesson, wisdom, rants, or abstract thoughts you've had with Moving Out.


Dec: 1 deadline 

People whose submissions make it in the zine will receive both a print copy (color cover with b/w pages) and a full color digital PDF.

Zines will be sent out by Jan 1.

This zine will be 11 x 8.5 half fold format.
Please send submissions to soupzine@yahoo.com



I am beginning work on a collaborative zine project. Basically, I'm asking for contributors to leave a comment on my blog entry, which I will then turn into a drawing while I ruminate on the phrase or word. Contributors whose submissions are chosen will receive credit for their entry as well as a free copy of the zine, which should be completed by February 2014. 

Collaborative zine project.


I make a comic zine called Dreams of Donuts, which is pretty much all about me and my life and punk stuff too.  I'm NOT looking for submissions for that, but I AM interested in submitting to another zine.  The reason I'm posting here, though, is because I have had a hard time finding a zine to submit to.  I would ideally like to submit to a zine that covers topics similar to my own zine: feelings, veganism, collective living, love interests, punk, house shows, mixtapes, etc. I'm also only looking for a print zine to contribute to, not one that is just or part an "ezine".  

If you've got something that sounds good for me, please email me at all4choice@hotmail.com


Heather Wreckage

If I were to submit lets say a transcript. Could I submit a few short simple ones such as. Person 1: The pope wears Prada Person 2: I thought the devil did or would you like one longer transcript?
James Limm said:

Hey!  Do you intentionally overhear great/weird conversations on the bus and at coffee shops?




I have idea for a zine that's in early planning stages and it's tentatively titled "Overheard: Stories from Compulsive Eavesdroppers"


I'm looking for stories/transcripts/comics about real conversations that you've overheard.  People talk about crazy shit (especially out of context) so don't pretend you don't have anything to write about for this!


Once again, this is in early planning stages.  I don't have a distro lined up or anything.  I have access to free printing as long as I don't abuse it too much so it should be a cheap zine if it comes together ($1 for a quarter page booklet seems reasonable to me).  


Email submissions to: yoiks.music@gmail.com




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