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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Manifold: Repair

Manifold is a new printed Zine bringing together varied creative explorations of a chosen topic.
The first topic is focused around Repair. We’re launching May 2013.

In beginning the dialogue, we offer the idea that repair includes recognition and restoration.
~ Recognition of: the worth and beauty of an entity, situation, person, place, thing or idea
~ Restoration as: a commitment to an entity’s natural state of balance and harmony

We’re specifically interested in images and/or text relating to any interpretation of the topic.
We’re open to other media, such as video and audio.

Please submit online by March 9th via Manifold.Submittable.com
We’re accepting the following file types: PDF, jpg, mp3, m4a, tiff, mov, avi, mp4 and zip.
Images should be at least 300dpi with the largest dimension at 10 inches.

Please send any questions to ManifoldZine@gmail.com

Thank you! Feel free to distribute this Call for Submissions

I like to promote other people's art and writing.  Submit to issue #4 via email cadillacgirlzine@hotmail.com 

Cadillac Girl is a perzine.  In ths issue I write about a pregnancy scare, divorce and self image. Also, if someone would like to proof read, let me know.  Thanx!!


My mother died last month, and I've found that writing about my feelings has really helped me deal with the grief and loss I'm experiencing. I'm aware that bereavement can be a difficult and lonely journey, so I'm really keen to put together a zine about our experiences of death, and the feelings that affect us when we lose a loved one.

So...if you'd like to contribute anything, be it prose, poetry, art etc., let's get some material together and get a great collaborative zine together. It's a powerful subject and I'm sure we could do something great, dedicated to the memories of the ones we've lost.




Call For Submissions: OBSOLETE! Magazine #8
Deadline: April 29th, 2013
Issue #8 theme: Obsolete Media: It's Alive!


Issue #7 of OBSOLETE! has reached a record number of readers, with 3000 copies being distributed across the US and Canada through our Guerilla Distribution Network. Now, it's time to get to work on our next issue. Loosely themed "Obsolete Media: It's Alive!", we are looking for essays, fiction, poetry, photographs and comics. Let me stress that it is not required to address that theme directly, so don't let that hang you up. All submissions will be considered. Feel free to pitch ideas before submitting.

Essays and non-fiction pieces could include subjects like shortwave, CB or pirate radio, zines, vinyl, broadcast TV, film photography, letterpress printing and/or new uses for old communications technology or interactive formats of any sort. Sports, theatre, music, publishing, politics– it's all open for discussion. We will also be including reviews of books, recording, films and "doopers" (your favorite old-school devices).

Fiction need not be science fiction, but anything that might be considered "slipstream" or speculative fiction is welcome. Flash fiction is welcome.

Thanks to the generosity of the Iowa Arts Council, we have a small grant that allows us to increase our contributor payments for this issue. The new payment amounts for previously unpublished materials are:

$1.50 per line for poems or $7.50 per 350 words of prose (minimum payment for either genre is $20, maximum $150). Artwork ranges from $20 for 1/8 page to $150 for a full page. We will also swap advertising for your book, website or other project in lieu of cash payment.

Previously published work is welcome and will be considered, but does not qualify for cash payment. We can trade advertisement for previously published work in some cases.

Suggested Lengths:
Essays/non-fiction - 3000 words
Fiction -3000 words
Reviews- max 1000 words.

Please email your submissions, questions or comments to obmag@feral-tech.com

Submissions of writing should be .rtf, .odt or .doc files. Images - .jpg, .tiff or .pdf

Please include a one paragraph bio, contact info and mailing address with all submissions.

Thanks for being part of OBSOLETE! - We look forward to seeing your work!

best wishes,

Rich Dana

UB Vol.2 is in the works, gotta save up some copy machine money, anyone interested in catching the 1st issue there will be a reprint at the end of the summer. Stay Creepy.

FAT-TASTIC #3 - A compilation zine about loving your fat body! Looking for submissions about personal stories, being fat & fitness, DIY tutorials, recipes, poetry, artwork, fat yoga tips, inspiration, recommended reading, movies ... rants, raves ... if it is body-positive, send it over!

Deadline: the last week of April 2013

Contact Sage-sweetcandydistro@gmail.com

*All contributor's will receive a copy of this issue!

Thrice Fiction is a 100% submission-based zine that just published #7 yesterday (you can download free at our site).

Everything gets read so long as it is sent to us during our established reading periods, which you can see on the SUBMISSIONS PAGE at

Thrice Fiction

PLEASE review copies of past issues before submitting and read the submission guidelines. You can get the zine for free so there's no excuses.

We'll Never Have Paris #10 wants your submission if you have been doing a zine for more than 3 years.  

Tell me in approx 250 words why you do a zine, and include a drawing or photograph.  I plan to do something different for WNHP 10 and do an online zine and podcast.  

if you are interested in submitting, please email me.  if you have experience with online zines and podcasts (this will be new for me) and wish to collaborate that would be great!


(hoping this is the right place)

I just started a new "side distro", and I'm making a call for submissions for zines and especially mini-comics to add some stock. I want to add 5 titles to the shop. They don't have to be any specific genre (but no porn), but if they're about something small (a child, a small toy, an ant, etc) I'd be particularly interested. I will buy outright five of your books, wholesale, for sell in my shop. No contracts.

Include a sample book, a cover letter, good contact information (email preferred), a zine statement, and how much you’re willing to sell each book wholesale.

Send to:

Katrina Joyner

5371-A Cline Court

Fort Polk, LA  71459

Submissions close June 1, 2013.


Whats happenin?!

I'm looking for submissions for my first zine that will hopefully be published by the end of May and I am looking for any sort of articles (i'm not looking for political, religious or any sexual related articles), band reviews/spotlights, and in specific a top ten summer playlist made up of either songs or ten albums, or a mix. No genre in specific but I do want to stay away from country/pop/top 100/radio tunes.

Also im looking for quick tips and how-to's to put in my zine. Nothing in particular.

If your submission gets published, I will email a PDF of the completed zine to you so you can print it, hand them out, make a mobile out it or a nifty little paper hat. The skys the limit.


GABA zine

GABA is a zine project that is a product of my own frustrations at the lack of honest portrayals of people with mental illnesses in popular media.  The truth is that living with mental illness can be terrifying, it can be isolating, it can be wonderful, and it can be beautiful. GABA seeks to give a voice to people affected by mental illness and honest insight into what it’s like for people who are not affected by mental illness.

 Issue one of GABA will be focused on Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). All submissions short stories, art, comics, poems, song etc about your experiences living with OCD (or living with someone who has OCD) that offer an honest look into life with OCD are welcome!

Please send all submissions to gabazinesubmissions@gmail.com

Thank you!

Hey folks! Fluxxii is putting together a mental health zine and, if all goes well, we'd love to go on tour with it! Feel free to spread the word. Any questions, comments, and submissions should go to april@fluxxii.com. Thanks!


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