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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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 “Array: A Queer Manifesto of Life”  is going to be a variety type of zine, so anything is accepted really! Let 

You can submit: 
-A Short Story/Poetry/Prose/Lyrics 
-Personal Experiences 
-Political/Social Justice/Social Change material
-Inspiring Words/Advice
-Drawings/Doodles/Comics (Can't be any larger than 8.5"x11", a standard sheet of typing paper)
-How-To’s/DIY’s/ Instructionals/Recipes
-Music/Movie Reviews/Recommendations
-Anything in between!

Just send it to nik@texasgsa.org, the deadline will be March 30th, 2012
Handwritten and scanned submissions are highly encouraged!! Get creative everyone! (:
Please Note:
Things do NOT have to be censored, but please try to stay away from nudity in photos, or keep it as artistic/tasteful as possible.

Pandora Press, a feminist comp-zine, is looking for submissions for its 4th issue! Open to women from Wales only.

Things I need for my next issue:

  • a list of some of your favorite sandwich toppings
  • someone who can draw a sandwich :)

e-mail me at theavocadozine@gmail.com by April 1st!

Things I need for my next issue:

  • a list of some of your favorite sandwich toppings
  • hero stories

e-mail me at theavocadozine@gmail.com by April 1st for more info :)

If you have content to contribute to Zine World #31, now's the time to send it in!

We're looking for artwork and articles related to zines, publishing, or DIY advice. Original content or already published material ok. Contact us with your ideas. Possible topics include:
* anything related to zines (writing, publishing, creativity, distribution). This can include commentary about zine or DIY culture, personal experiences, etc.
* DIY tips/advice/instructions.
* zine scene reports. Tell us about what's going on with zines in your city, state, or country.
* reports from zine fests, etc. Have you attended a zine festival or conference recently? Tell us about how it went, what you learned, what you liked or didn't, etc.

We need your info for our Resources section, including new listings, updates, tips, and recommendations. Send us info about zine libraries, review zines & websites, online resources, mailing tips (and problems), and other news or announcements of interest to zine publishers and readers.

We also accept advertising:
* FREE classified ads (up to 50 words) for any DIY project -- including zines, distros, calls for submissions, groups, penpals, websites, etc.
* CHEAP display ads. We're even willing to trade. Check out
http://www.undergroundpress.org/submit-to-zine-world/advertising-in... for details.

Send submissions to jerianne@undergroundpress.org no later than April 25.

If you have content to contribute to Zine World #31, now's the time to send it in!

I sent you a LOC to #30, I think via e-mail. I hope you'll print it. Thanks.----James

I write a perzine called Cadillac Girl, it is a black and white zine about half the size of standard copy paper. Please feel free to submit writings, pictures, photos, etc...View my profile or the web page for info on the zine, and to view past issues. Thanx!       http://cadillacgirlzine.webs.com


Asuang is an umbrella term for creatures that people our imagination. As blood suckers, they engender in us, a fear of the dark, of morbidity, of paleness, of incense. The fear that desires, the fear that suffocates, not just creatures but open spaces and high places. Fear of beings that when looked at mirrors or through other eyes, resemble perhaps, ourselves? Then here maybe, there be monsters?

Asuang then calls not just for darkness but for hallucinogen, psychedelia, kaleidoscopic narratives in whatever genre.

Specifically, we ask for:
1. 1-3 poems/ essays/ flash fiction (less than 500 words, English or Filipino)

2. 1-3 artworks in black/ white (in JPEG format)

3. 1-3 sound pieces in MP3 or Wav format

4. Critical essays about the small press/ underground publishing/ the culture of fanzines (also under 500 words)

5. Reviews of any issue of Paper Monster Press (and we’ve done 6 so far)
a. Pyrotechnic Poetry 1
b. Pyrotechnic Poetry 2
c. S/trip-hop
d. Dream(pop)
e. Queer Punk
f. SANDIGmaan

6. A theme for 1 print year
a. Issue 1: Atlantis (about forgetting/ resurfacing/ the abyss/ depths/ drowning/ swan diving)
b. Issue 2: Free Tibet (about culture clash/ Buddhism/ heights/ climbing/ pure dizziness of clouds)
c. Issue 3: Time-space Warp (about timezones/ cultural differences/ time and space/ reincarnation/ and the endless echoes we can never reach)
d. Issue 4: Labyrinths (canals/ road bridges/ the strange and devious routes we take to fantasy/ intoxication/ escape)

1. Send all submissions to papermonsterpress@yahoo.com with the heading: ATTN: ASUANG SUBMISSION
2. The deadline for submissions is on May 31, 2012.
3. Payment is one contributor copy and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from seeing your name in print. ;)

Call for Submissions to Sleater Zinney: tell us your love story

The sugestive name of the zine says everything: share with us your love for the most powerfull and beautiful triplet we’ve ever heard. Like the band isn’t enough. There’s gotta be some love, they have to be a part of your life in a significant way.

The zine’s organized by me, Carla (zine True Lies, Histérica and Cabeça Tédio blog) and by Marcelo and Luiza (La Chatte band) an we intend to release it in 2012. We're from Brazil.

The flyer says:

"Tell us your love story with SK! Send us drawings, story, graphic novel, text or collage. If you want to answer a interview instead we are sending some questions too. Deadline: 7/15/12 – July 15th"

If you remember of some friend that would like to participate too please share the link. We don’t seek crouds just grrrls/folks/babes that are one beat at heart.

hi all,
i am putting together a new compilation zine and would very much like your contributions! 

the theme is pathology, inspired both by my job in a hospital and a giant pathology textbook i couldn't resist buying.  pathology can refer to the study of disease, viruses and bacteria, cancers and infections--but it can also evoke 'normal' or 'typical' reactions or expressions taken to an extreme ('pathological gambling', etc.). 

of course, this definition of what is pathological requires a set standard of what is normal, which varies from community to community--and i would guess many of us don't live up to.  the interesting thing to me is the difference between the definition and how we live our lives. 

thoughts of possible topics that most immediately come to mind:
* disability / ableism / accessibility
* mental illness / intellectual disability / psychotropic medications / alternative treatments
* non-monogamy / choosing to be single / not getting married / getting married
* sexuality / asexuality / kinks / etc
* pop culture / the love of glitter / the love of tattered black t-shirts
* healing / health / illness / the medical system
* the overlap and dischord between different communities / scenes / cliques
* political & community organizing: how it works, how it fails us
* the list could go on and on....

i am looking for writing and art that is easily photocopied in a half-page format.  i'm open to different mediums and formats, although any terrible poetry will be immediately recycled.  i'm also open to varying genres: funny, sad, personal, fictional, etc.... my last compilation zine had poetry, a recipe, memoir, and lists, and i'm hoping to replicate the same eclectic format. 

also, i hope to reprise the "things i love that i shouldn't" and "things i should love that i don't" lists from whatever saves #1, so please send me your thoughts on that as well. 

contributions can be sent to:
po box 22761
seattle, wa 98122


deadline is july 1st.

please include contact information so i can send you a copy of the zine(s) when it is done.

can't wait to see what y'all come up with. 


This is DJ Frederick from Paper Radio zine. I’ve been asked to create a monthly half hour radio show for an internet station called The Global Voice (www.theglobalvoice.info). Part of the focus of the show is going to be about zines and paper culture. I am looking for submissions of  mp3 recordings or cds of zine readings, zine related books, poetry, short stories, or audio art no more than 1 – 6 minutes in length. Please email files to singinggrove@conknet.com and I will let you know if they work for the radio show or email me for further discussion.

“In Praise of Illness” is the theme of the 6th issue of OBSOLETE!


The latest edition of the sporadical newsprint tabloid will explore the connections between art and illness. Artists and writers are invited to submit fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, cartoons and other 2D artwork directly or indirectly addressing the role of physical or mental illness, disease and disorders in the creative process, in society, technology, religion, politics, history.....
Every day, new drugs are being developed and marketed to address issues that, in the past, may have simply been accepted as aspects of an individuals life. Angst, ennui, precociousness, apathy, melancholy are all now defined as treatable disorders. Are the treatments for ADHD, ODD and other conditions medicating away the symptoms that made Vincent Van Gogh, Arthur Rimbaud and Jim Morrison who they were? Wired Magazine has for several years explored the high rate of Asperger's Syndrome among successful software developers. Is Asperger's a disease, or an symptom of evolution?
Do physical disorders inspire creativity, a new way of thinking about physical space? Prosthetic limbs and artificial organs are changing lives the way eyeglasses did in the past. Buckminster Fuller often spoke about the fact that he saw the world as a blur as a child until he went to school and was fitted with glasses- at which point he saw order in everything.
Medication, self-medication, diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions, treatment and healing, overcoming and submitting to illness- learning, creating, living and dying. Share your experiences in OBSOLETE #6.
Deadline is June 11th, 2012
Submit work (or inquiries) to:
obmag (at) feral-tech.com
PO Box 72
Victor, IA 52347
include SASE for original work


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