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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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I am working on a wintery zine. I was wondering what ideas you have? For example, what do you like to do when it's snowing outside?

Are you still looking for music zines?

I'm coming out with one soon with some fairly big names being interviewed in it.

Damn England said:


I have a zine shop in Nottingham and I am currently on the lookout for zines about music and gigs. If you make a zine about any kind of music, please get in touch!

Here is my blog: Caribou

Artists! I need wintery art...stat! Please e-mail me at melissamanfredi@att.net

For those who didn't grow up with snow, what was your first experience to a icy winter? What was your reaction?

Please e-mail at melissamanfredi@att.net

Las VEgas Zine Library is looking for GBLT & DIY Zines as those parts of our library are quite limited :) Thanks!


Las VEgas Zine Library

Po Box 72071

Las Vegas Nv 89170

WANTED: FEMINIST ART! Swansea Women's Centre, a women's refuge in Wales, are holding a workshop day for International Women's Day. One of the rooms at the centre will be turned into a feminist art gallery for the day, and we're looking for all kinds of artwork to feature in our gallery! The focus is on women's experience - artwork can include painting, collage, zine pages, poetry, crafts, drawings - anything that you have created yourself! The gallery will be open to people of all ages, so we ask that artwork submitted is not sexually graphic/explicit. The deadline for submitting items is mid-February. We can't pay for items, but we are happy to return them to you if you provide us with a SAE. For more details, email us at swanseafeministnetwork@gmail.com.

Hello! We are looking for submissions from everyone!


Drift Station Open Call for Artist Books, Zines, and Other Publications

Curated by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson

Exhibition: March 2nd – April 26th

Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd


- - - -


Drift Station, an artist-run gallery and performance space in Lincoln, Nebraska, is calling for artist books, zines, comics, small presses, and other non-traditional publications.  For the duration of the exhibition, Drift Station will become a bookstore/reading library where the public can look through, peruse, and purchase artworks.


You may send us as many copies of as many works as you want.  Any and all publications will be included – our goal is to fill the gallery!  Works will be displayed on tables and shelves and must be able to be handled by the public for the duration of the exhibition without gloves.  Because of this work has the potential to get damaged, please do not send us elaborate or delicate books that are not meant for handling by the general public.


All work must either be free or for sale for under $30.  In cases where work is sold, Drift Station will take a 40% commission and deposit the remainder into the artist’s PayPal account.  Unsold works may either be left at Drift Station for later purchase/given away or will be sent back to the artists (SASE required).


WORKS MUST ARRIVE BY: February 18th, 2012



+ Submission form filled out, printed, and signed


+ Works to be included in the show

+ Self addressed, stamped envelope for return of works (optional)



Drift Station

Attn: Angeles Cossio

726 South 31st Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68510



Please direct any inquiries to: mail@driftstation.org


- - - -


Started by Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson in 2010, Drift Station acts as a non-traditional curatorial platform for innovative exhibitions, art, music, and performance based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.




Feminist comp-zine Pandora Press is looking for submissions for its third issue!  The theme is TIME.

Here are some prompts/ideas for where you could go with this theme, though this list is far from exhaustive:

Waves of feminism: do you identify with a wave in particular? What do you think the 4th wave will look like?  Do you think that the notion of “waves of feminism” is a useful notion, or is it problematic?  Do you agree with the direction of modern feminism, and its fights/causes?
- A woman’s age/passage of life: What pressures are women under in particular with regards to age – what they should look like, what they should be doing (e.g. childbearing before the age of 35), what direction their life is supposed to take?  Are these realistic, or too constricting?
- The history of women/feminism: Are there any historical women or female activists that inspire you?  Any groundbreaking pre-feminist texts?  What was the world like for women before our era?
- The future for women/feminism: what would a feminist society look like?  How far do we have left before equality is reached?  Is it on the horizon?  Is it possible?
- Beauty standards: are women under pressure to avoid “looking their age”?  What qualities are associated with each decade of a woman’s life?  Are these fair?  What pressures are women under as each decade passes by?
- Young vs old feminists/women: are we being pitted against each other?  Or is the generational divide too wide to relate to each other?  Can we learn from each other?  Are there experiences that exclusively lie with one group, or are we not that different from each other?
- Issues that affect young people: sex education, virginity/chastity/purity myths, employment, higher education, etc.
Issues that affect older people: how is one’s age construed in our society?  Are there prejudices against older people?  Are old people ever favoured over young people (e.g. older men = authoritative figures), or are young people overwhelmingly favoured in society?
- Our current “time”/culture: What sucks about society’s treatment of women?  What will our future look like – utopia? Dystopia?  Will humanity be better off, or worse off, once our generation has passed away?  What will be our legacy?

The deadline for the winter issue is 20 FEBRUARY 2012.

Contributors must be from Wales!  Just email your ideas, questions, or submissions to pandorapresszine@gmail.com.  More info can be found at http://swanseafeministnetwork.wordpress.com/pandorapress.

I am compiling a zine about Super Powers stories.

The zine is a fun  "what if" imaginary exploration of how our life would change with super power, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sexy, the naughty, the nice, the criminal, the crime fighter, the lame, the complicated...

Will this be a mixed blessing or a complete curse? Would it bring out your best or the worst parts of your personality? Why did you choose this power and what you think is says about yourself?

So How do you get your super power?

Let say you got your power from a magical gumball machine in the lobby of the movie theater. The stories can start there.


1) You can only have one super power (one gumball). In other words, you cannot both fly and have regenerative healing or both time travel and stop time.

2) This can be any format. Comic, collage, poetry, LBGT, non-fiction (interview) survey, photos, cooking, historical, adult content (dress up??)...anything you want.

3) Along with text, it would be helpful if you can please provide pictures for your submissions.(But it is not required)


All submitters will receive a copy of the zine and credit for their work.

Email me with submission/questions soupzine@yahoo.com (subject Super Power ZIne)

Here is a list of some Super Powers: Feel free to make up your own

Super Strength
Mind reading
Control the Weather
Time Travel
Regenerative Healing
Shape shift
Walk through wall (ghost like?)
Shoot Lighting from Hands
See the future (dreams, drawings)
Talk to Animals

Call for vegan doughnut recipes for my upcoming zine Hungry Monkey #2 which benefits rescued laboratory monkeys

    • This new issue will be "The Doughnut Issue." All money made goes directly to 8 rescued laboratory monkeys who live in Oklahoma now. 

      General Guidelines: 
      -Any type of doughnut recipe is fine by me, just let me know what flavor/type you plan on doing so others won't do the same thing. 
      -If ya want, include 2 sentences about yourself (your blog, project, etc).
      -Emial your final recipe to sanctuaryfunds@gmail.com 
      -Deadline is: April 30th 2012


Coming Out Scarlet – Atheists Unite.

I NEED YOUR ATHEIST COMING OUT STORIES!  In approximately 500 words, please talk about coming out as an atheist and also try include encouragement for others to come out.  Let people know WHY coming out as a non-believer is important and how it has benefited your life.  I’d like to try to keep these essays more on the positive side for the sake of encouraging others.  Even if you had a hard coming out  with unsupportive family or friends, tell us how that experience solidifies who you are today.  Why the positive outweighed the negative.  Even if you are only partially out amongst friends/family but are fighting for the secular movement in other ways, please think about sharing your story. (That is where I am currently.)

I feel we are at a time in history where it is more important than ever to speak up as non-believers.  Religious belief is a large part of what is holding back our women’s and queer rights and it is the root of much violence in our world.  From female castration to honor killings to flying planes into buildings.

I am not sure if this will work in enough time for Reason Rally but I am going to try.  If I have at least 6 entries I will go through and make something small for the rally, and then expand on it later.

This zine needs to be put together before March 24th (Reason Rally).  Thus the stories will need to be emailed to me by March 17th.

Please email your essay to clickclackdistro@gmail.com

If you don’t want to publish your real name, feel free to use a pseudonym or ask me to put you down as anon.  

For those finding this through the atheist channels who may not know what a zine is… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zine

You will not be compensated if your piece is selected, except for a copy of the completed zine.  I will sell copies (not for profit) in my zine distro: http://www.clickclackdistro.com  I may also break my zine rules, and make a PDF for free distribution on the internet. 

Most copies will be given away to folks I meet at Reason Rally if this happens in time.

Think Free,


My next issue will have the theme of "heros". It can be fictional or personal. Please e-mail me at theavocadozine@gmail.com for more info!



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