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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Also note that I do a blog specifically for submission calls at http://compilationstation.wordpress.com.


You can also email any call to submissioncall@gmail.com and it will be posted on that blog.

Get Fit for the Pit #2 – Nutrition issue

Get Fit For the Pit is a zine dedicated to fitness and nutrition with much focus on those of us who have come from a punk/activist background (or any background where sports and healthy choices were somewhat jeered).  I have noticed that our subculture puts a lot of emphasis on touring, traveling, going to shows, running on little sleep, etc.   These things do not always add up to a healthy lifestyle, especially as some of us are getting older.

I wanted to put a zine out about taking back our fitness and health.

Issue #2 is going to be all about nutrition.  Some ideas to get you going…

  • - What diet do you follow?
  • - What have you cut out of  or added to your diet?
  • - What success have you had with supplements?
  • - How do you stay on track when traveling?

This is not just about being vegan or vegetarian.  (I am actually neither, but respect both diets.)   I am looking for essays or information regarding what has worked for you in your nutrition habits.  Have you made a change that has made a huge difference for you, perhaps even eliminating symptoms of an illness you may have?

You have the option of emailing me your essay for me to lay out or you can do a half-size layout yourself and mail it in. Please keep essays to roughly 1000 words.   I am also looking for cover art, so please get in touch if you are interested!  As of now, the deadline for the nutrition issue will be December 31, 2011.

Email any submissions or questions: getfitforthepit@gmail.com

Mail to: Nicole Harris PO Box 35501 Richmond, VA 23235

Get Fit For the Pit #1 is out and available at the above address for $2 and 2 stamps or thru Click Clack Distro.

Please feel free to pass this information along!

What I'm looking for right now, for Once Upon A Distro are personal zines, particularly those by women, people of color, and GLBTQ folks. I'm not opposed to spoken word titles and crafts, but those will not be my priority. 

Please feel free to mail your zine for submission (along with your contact info and wholesale guidelines) to: 

Sarah Rose

201 W. Evergreen Ave #1012, 

Philadelphia, PA 19118


or email with questions: piratesarah@gmail.com

Submission Call - FAT-TASTIC #2 - A compilation zine about loving your fat body! Looking for personal stories, being fat & fitness/health, DIY tutorials, recipes, poetry, artwork, fat yoga tips, inspiration, recommended reading, movies, coping with fat-phobic people ... Contact Sage with your submissions or ideas- sweetcandydistro@gmail.com * Issue #1 can be found here: http://sweetcandydistro.weebly.com/compilation-zines.html

I am collecting submissions for a zine written about and for people who hear voices.  Hearing voices is a more common experience than most people realise, and one that is detrimentally linked to mental health problems and to a negative, stereotyped view of people with mental health problems.  It has been argued that hearing voices is part of the human experience, and can be documented from the very beginning of our historical records.  I am open to any kind of submissions about the experience of hearing voices - whether your story is about yourself, about living with or caring for someone who hears voices (with their permission and/or appropriate annonymisation), about being diagnosed due to hearing voices, about positve or negative experiences of hearing voices, about one-off or ongoing experiences of hearing voices, about experiences of being labelled due to hearing voices.  Both personal and technical/academic writing is welcome in any format from prose to poetry and beyond.  Artwork is welcome.  Any submissions or questions about the project can be emailed to gadfi_um AT yahoo dot co dot uk

I am looking for anyone who would like to contribute to the third issue of my zine Crime Unlimited Inc. Co. After the last issue, which was incredibly time producing to work on alone, I wanted to go back to my original vision of the zine and make it a collaborative effort.

The theme is, as the title implies, crime. This can be in the form of hardboiled detective stories, crime fiction, cartoons about crime/mischief/etc. Of course, anything from artwork to comics to articles to short stories would be greatly appreciated. This is actually my first all-digital zine work. If you could do it on computer or scan it, email it to me, that would be awesome. I'm looking to get it out within the next month or two. If interested, email me at futurereagan@gmail.com and we can talk. Thanks for looking.

Hey!  Do you intentionally overhear great/weird conversations on the bus and at coffee shops?




I have idea for a zine that's in early planning stages and it's tentatively titled "Overheard: Stories from Compulsive Eavesdroppers"


I'm looking for stories/transcripts/comics about real conversations that you've overheard.  People talk about crazy shit (especially out of context) so don't pretend you don't have anything to write about for this!


Once again, this is in early planning stages.  I don't have a distro lined up or anything.  I have access to free printing as long as I don't abuse it too much so it should be a cheap zine if it comes together ($1 for a quarter page booklet seems reasonable to me).  


Email submissions to: yoiks.music@gmail.com



I have a zine shop in Nottingham and I am currently on the lookout for zines about music and gigs. If you make a zine about any kind of music, please get in touch!

Here is my blog: Caribou

Hi there,

Here's a Call for Submissions for Lost in the City Zine, a comp zine for and by urban aliens and lost souls.

A little more info and submission guidelines can be found here (excuse the minimalist/under-construction-y looks):


Participate and spread the word! <3





A call for submissions for a poetry compilation by the name of PenToPaperToCopier.

Send in your original poetry to joeylanzone@gmail.com or to my home address which will be posted below.

I'll accept any poetry on any subject by anybody.

I want to get this out by Feb.

Well, you know what to do....



Joey Lanzone

76 S. Main Street

Pittsford, NY 14534


Issue 2 will be finished and available for the Chicago Zine Fest in March.



i want yr sex stories! the steamy, the saucy, the raunchy, the nasty.

i also want the sad, the messy, the ones to laugh off, the ones you want to forget...

basically, i want it all.

any gender, combination, solo, couples, orgies- there is no discrimination to the stories in this zine.


issue two is aiming to be twice as big as the first!

feel free to submit multiple stories!



send submissions to: nico@missnico.com


xo-miss nico.

Queerios: A Radical Coloring Book
This will be the kind of activity book I never got (but always wanted) in my early teens. I'd like to put together a coloring and activity book highlighting people who were groundbreaking to you, personally. Harvey Milk and Oscar Wilde will always have a place carved out for them. This is about exploring people who did more than admit their same-sex attraction to the rest of the world. How about what Leslie Feinburg and Kate Borenstein did for trans visability and challenging gender norms? Or how James baldwin and Audre Lorde made queer people challenge racism within the GLBT community.
Priority will be given to activities like dot-to-dots, paper dolls, and word searches, but coloring pages with biographies are great as well. The deadline for this is March 1st so I can have it put together by mid-to-late march, and out in the world by April.
Please send pdfs of high resolution jpegs to piratesarah@gmail.com


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