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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Eddie Russell Zine is looking for literature! Dark, scary, bloody, violent, short stories welcomed! 

Hello fellow zine-makers.

I am starting my first 'zine in a while. It'll be somewhat of a perzine, with the first issue focussing on loss. I am looking for someone to help design the cover for the first issue. I don't exactly know if I want it to be coloured, because of the photocopying thing, but I would be willing to make coloured photocopies if your art needed to be in colour. Let me know if you'd like to work with me. You get a free copy of the zine, of course. More awesome if you were located in Montreal or Ottawa, but absolutely anyone is welcome. I may ask to see some of your work before hand though, just to see if the style fits the sort of mood I'm aiming for. Hoping to hear from you! Message here or e-mail at the8th at gmail dot com. 

Hello there I produce a poetry mag called MeatPlough the journal of transgressive poetry and I am doing a one off I need poetry if you have anything send it along to   tonyhickson1@tiscali.co.uk thanks

The F-Bomb is coming out with a mental health issue in January/February and would love to hear personal stories, accounts, remedies, alternative treatment opinions, standard western treatment opinions, and anything that you think might be relevant to the topic. I am super interested in first-hand accounts of living with a mental heath issue and how that's affected your life and in what ways and will give those top priority in terms of space, though I appreciate submissions of all kinds and most will make it in.

If you are one of the lucky few that don't suffer from any kind of mental illness perhaps you
would like to discuss any personal experiences you've had with people close to you that do have them? Have a friend that's bi-polar? Worked in the mental health field? Let's talk.
Overall I'd love this to be an uplifting theme, not one that makes you dig through your traumatic pasts and makes you have a mental breakdown. I feel like we can approach this topic with both a sense of humor and an optimistic attitude.

Of course the people doing comics are safe from this one, unless they want to incorporate the theme into their submissions which I do encourage but is not necessary. Overall I'd really just love to hear your feedback, especially if you want to powwow about a piece or if you find this theme limiting in any way. I'm always here for you guys if you need anything.
Deadline is November 15th and you can email your submissions to tinathehyena(at)gmail.com. Each contributor will get a copy of the zine mailed to them. Also, we have five distros lined up in the U.K., Canada, and Philly so your words will be getting out there. Thanks!

Lemon Pith is a compilation zine that may be more aptly named ‘Bitter Times’ as the purpose of this zine is to offer written revenge to it’s authors. Submissions are welcomed in the form of letters (anonymous or not), fiction, poetry, or art work. Authors are welcome to remain anonymous or to revel in their revenge! The theme of the first zine will be Christmas so please send your Christmas revenge stories to wingedsnail99@hotmail.ca by 10 Dec 2012.

Pachinko!, an online literary magazine is now accepting submissions for its upcoming issue through January 15th. Submission guidelines are now available. Send your best stories, visual art, ideas for nonfiction articles and interview subjects. Illustrators also wanted. 

Color Wheel, a DIY / homemade photocopied paper (not online) literary zine published since 1989, is requesting submissions and materials for the upcoming issue. The forthcoming issue’s theme is “book of letters”. I am looking for personal essays, informative articles, poetry, artwork, fiction and letters for possible publication related to correspondence, communication, pen and paper, “snail mail”, and related topics.


All submissions must be received via postal mail with a self addressed stamped envelope for response. Each contributor will receive a copy of the zine when published (date to be determined sometime during the 2013 calendar year). Submissions will be closed once the zine is full. Not all submissions will be published. As an editor I don’t believe in “rejection”, yet I do choose content that flows well and is appropriate for Color Wheel.


Please send submissions to: Color Wheel c/o Frederick Moe 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278 USA. 

I am taking submissions for Issue 4 of Cadillac Girl, which I am slowly trying to get together. No specific content. So far I have written about my experience with a pregnancy scare, divorce and social anxiety...a nice little mixture lol. Submit to cadillacgirlzine@hotmail.com

hello, i run an art zine called strangeways, limited to 150 copies, distributed around south florida, mostly miami dade area.

i have an open call for submissions

the theme is 90's

dimensions are any ratio similar to 4x6 and up ie: 5x7, 6x8 etc etc

any medium accepted, open to conceptual works and ideas!


here is the facebook link to get in touch with me.



I've started my own little zine series called Under The Influence, of which the first issue is coming out next week. So soon as that baby is out, I’m wanting to organise a quarterly zine called Under The Influence: The Girly Review. It will be a music review zine of female-identified musicians and predominantly female bands, all written by ladies! So, if you are interested in contributing, shoot me a message via this page. Reviews can be of live shows and albums + EPs released between December 1 2012 and February 28 2013. 

I'm based in Melbourne, AUS but I am dying to have some contributors from all over the place!

We're looking for zinesters to join us during L.A. Zine Week at Space 15 Twenty!

Send an email to sara@freewayscollide.com if you want to be part of the sale!

Deadline is January 29th! So don't think about it too long! Waiting for your emails!





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