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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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This is a call for submissions for Dairy River volume 12, titled SIGNS.  Who's in?  Obviously, pieces on various aspects of actual signage are welcome.  Also welcome are pieces on signs or sign systems more broadly (e.g. semiotics, jargon, alphabets, codes, semaphore).  Also welcome are pieces about the film SIGNS (probably obligatory).  Also welcome are pieces on basically anything, related to signs or not.  
And as always, we accept all media -- articles, drawings, photos, songs, videos.  The less amenable to publication the better.  Smells.  Abstract ideas irreducible to words.  
Deadline is negotiable.  Email dairyriver [at] gmail.com if interested.  Thanks!!!!

Hi! I run an online zine called Convergece, centered completely around submissions for each month's theme. Would love for you to check us out at http://convergencezine.tumblr.com and submit your stuff!

genre-benders. flash. micro. Thrice Fiction, entering it's 3rd year, has an open submissions policy. 100% of the work we publish is unsolicited. The April reading period is open. Always looking for new voices.

Click and read this link...


Rasasvada is looking for art, poetry, stories, opinions, articles, and whatever other inbetweens and out of the boxes you can dream up. We specifically publish monthly physical zines (one of art, and one of poetry) but otherwise publish misc. content online
Check out our site and see what's up?


I am ALSO accepting submissions for a second theme for We'll Never Have Paris 12:  "You got what you wanted now leave".  This theme is specifically stories for those who lived in NYC and then moved away, or, lived in a similar large city and then moved elsewhere.  Nonfiction memoir submissions, only.

Hi, my friend and I are putting together a zine around the idea of collaboration, hopefully in time for some summer fairs.

The idea is to either write a story which someone else will illustrate or to make an illustration which someone will will respond to with writing. If you want to get involved , please email me at  nualacmurphy@yahoo.co.uk. If you're sending images please can they be A5, black and white, 300dpi, if it's text 500-1000w word limit. If you want something to respond to please send examples of your work and a request or an image/text which we can discuss. Thanks x

Deadline: May 31st

contact: erin.e.war@gmail.com

just a final shoutout, submissions deadline coming to a close:

More Bodies, More Anger is a free zine that's composed of submissions from independent writers and artists.

Right now, this is experimental in nature and we're looking for submissions of poetry, comics, photographs, essays, short stories, drawings, or whatever.

We compile the submissions in a free zine, which can be downloaded online.   Print it out, leave a few somewhere, and share it with friends.


Submit something by June 10th to see it published in the first issue of More Bodies, More Anger, available June 30th, 2014.

Hello! My zine THE COLLAR TONES is looking for submissions for issue #6: Daydreaming. I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to do anything at all that pertains to the theme. This could mean any type of writing, photo sets, stories, or any art in general. Please email/message me if this topic interests you at all. I would love for more zinesters to contribute to my zine because it has been a majorly independent venture so far. Please contact me soon as the issue will be released in late May. Thanks! :)

Email me at thecollartoneszine@gmail.com

Recently, I found a tiny mini-comic hidden in the stacks at the IPRC, simply titled "What Happened to the Zine Library?"
It was the story of a regular day at the IPRC when Greig, our founding zine librarian, had shelfread and catalogued quite a few zines, but right before he closed up at 10PM, he decided to shelve one more zine. Leaning up to the highest shelf, the 8-foot-tall bookcase gave way, and all of the zines came tumbling down around him.
The next page's panel was Greig, fists thrown in the air, eyes towards the heavens, exasperatedly saying "ZINES! I give you so much of my time and money, and this is how you repay me?!"
I have never felt so much like a single panel of a mini-comic explained my life so well. If hashtags had existed when Greig made that zine, it undoubtedly would have been #zinelibrarianproblems
So I'm making a comp zine! I'm looking for anyone who identifies as a zine librarian or ex-zine librarian, to submit short pieces of topical art, stories, mixtape track listings, recipes or even just pages stained with the tears of metadata to my comp zine "Zine Librarian Problems". Please make submissions half-sized friendly. Does not need to be new work if you've made something that fits in with the zine before. 
Deadline is June 20th. You can submit by USPS to:
Lillian Karabaic
1001 SE Division St, Ste 2
Portland, OR 97202
or by internet mail to: librarian(at)iprc(dot)org
I hope to see your brilliant commiserations! 
IPRC Zine Librarian
Full disclosure: I'm going to be giving some of these as a reward for my "Send the IPRC Zine Librarian to the Zine Librarian Unconference" kickstarter. You'll get 2 copies for yourself if you submit & retain full rights to your work.


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