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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Red Kitty Zine is excited to announce Volume II: Sycorax

From Baba Yaga to Hocus Pocus; from Sycorax to the Salem Witch Trials; we want to hear your take on magic, powerful women, & the craft.

What We’re Looking For: Short fiction, poetry, incantations, essays, opinion, humor, alchemical recipes, illustration, photography, & elemental magic.

For more information and submissions guidelines visit: http://redkittyzine.wordpress.com/submit or email us at redkittyzine@gmail.com.

Deadline for submissions: January 1st, 2014.

img: william cheselden, osteographia, 1733


Collide is a compilation zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness.

Issue #1 covered these topics in a broad sense, and how they relate to the intertwining issues of the contributors, including deafness, chronic pain, traumatic brain injuries, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.  

Collide #2: Passing needs your contributions!

  • Essays on how one attempts to assimilate or pass as “normal” when dealing with any coexisting physical & mental condition, whether at work, in social situations, or interpersonal relationships
  • "Coming Out" stories, and how you may be prone to reveal one condition or the other depending on it’s visibility or the context.
  • Any other related topics

*also seeking artwork for either the cover or interweaving pages!

Deadline: January 31st

Submit to JC at jennyandthelibrarians@gmail.com

Eggnog: Pro or Con?

Are you pro eggnog? Do you love the creamy, nutmeg-ed Christmas drink? Do you enjoy your eggnog with rum or whiskey? Do you wish eggnog was a year round libation? Then submit a short (100-500 word) explanation, story, poem, or recipe that describes your love for this holiday drink.

Are you anti-eggnog? Do you hate the white semi-set pudding like drink? Do you wish it was outlawed? Do you have stories of imbibing on eggnog only to be sick? Then submit a short (100-500 word) explanation, story, poem, or recipe that describes your hatred for this holiday drink.

Contributors will receive a complementary copy.

Deadline: 20 December 2013

Submit to: wingedsnail99@hotmail.ca

Release: January

The OCADU Zine Library has been built from generous donations from zinesters at OCAD University, in Toronto and worldwide. If you would like to share your zines or have a collection of your own that needs a home, the OCAD Zine Library will happily collect, preserve and share these publications for many years to come.

Please mail donations to: 
Dorothy H. Hoover Library, Zine Collection 
OCAD University 
100 McCaul Street 
Toronto, ON 
M5T 1W1

The Black Queer Adventures is a new zine that will share stories, artwork, interviews, essays, poetry from Black Queer/Trans* people about their experiences related to Blackness, Gender and Sexuality, and other intersectionalities. With themes related to sex,relationships, family and community and the diaspora. Identity Politics, passing and performing, to creating art music and soul enriching activism.Strategies for selfcare and building communities to health tips and recipes.

All contributers that make it in the zine will get a copy of the zine and be accredited in the zine. Contributors should submit work with the name they would like to appear in the zine (which can also be a pseudonym) as well as city/country and any other details they would like to include.
It’s a full colour zine in A5 (half size) format.
Texts should be no more than 4 pages and artwork should also be suitable for black and white printing.
Text can be submitted in any language and where possible may be translated into english.

submissions until 31.January 2014
send submissions to blackqueeradventures(at)gmail.com


thanks xx

I posted this a few weeks ago.

I extended the deadline to Jan 1

Soupzine is creating its first submission zine for issue #11. 

The Theme is "Moving Out."

I am moving to a new state yet again, and I wanted to create a zine that shares stories about folks who make the big move. This can be any move: across town, for college, to a new state, for a boyfriend/girlfriend, for love, after a break up, to a new country, for work, etc...

Please share stories, artwork, comics, fiction, non-fiction, poetry...about an experience, advice, misadventures, humor, lesson, wisdom, rants, or abstract thoughts you've had with Moving Out.


Jan 1 deadline 

People whose submissions make it in the zine will receive both a print copy (color cover with b/w pages) and a full color digital PDF.

Zines will be sent out by Jan 1.

This zine will be 11 x 8.5 half fold format. 
Please send submissions to soupzine@yahoo.com



Hey, so I'm looking for submissions to this collaborative zine I edit and write for called PAZ. It's more or less a humor and general interest type magazine. All I'm looking for in article submissions is that they meet the minimum word count of one thousand words and that they be coherent. As far as short stories I'm looking for things with a maximum of about seven thousand words. I'd like for any poems submitted to be less than three pages but I may make exceptions. The most important thing for written submissions is that they be funny.  I'm also looking for art so if anyone wants to submit paintings, drawings, or photographs feel free. 

I'm looking to get the zine out on January 30th. It'll be posted on my blog, website thing: pazmag.wordpress.com. I'll also be emailing a digital copy to contributors and, if they so desire, mailing out printed copies of the issue to them. Email all submissions to ibkirk77@aol.com. Feel free to check out the first two issues of the zine on the blog. 

Thanks guys.

This Is The End

We are going to jump right to the end and do the last Banko Paper ever.

But don`t be sad our aim is to never finish it.

We propose an online zine that will live forever and continue to grow.

All we know is the title ;  “This Is The End”

Now we want to know what springs to your mind, what image do you have in your head ?

Find your pencils,paper,clay,scissors,camera or whatever you need to create ?

We have an open deadline and when we have sufficient work we will publish the first version.

After that the task is to add on more work to the first version and get others involved and just  continue to publish the work you send our way.

send your submissions to;


If you still have not seen what we did with Banko Paper Volume 1 just follow this link;




We are a mobile photozine-exhibition,

and we will be on tour from the end of january until july.

We published an OPEN CALL and there are 7 days left to apply,

do not hesitate to send your photobooks and zines, so that we can show them in cultural places, galleries and squats around Europe:

/a>img src=https://scontent-b-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1385085_621423417901835_281992084_n.jpg>

We are a mobile photozine-exhibition,

and we will be on tour from the end of january until july.

We published an OPEN CALL and there are 7 days left to apply,

do not hesitate to send your photobooks and zines, so that we can show them in cultural places, galleries and squats around Europe:


My blog posts regular zine submission calls, among other things; take a look and see if any take your fancy :)  http://spillthezines.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/zine%20news

Heather Wreckage said:


I make a comic zine called Dreams of Donuts, which is pretty much all about me and my life and punk stuff too.  I'm NOT looking for submissions for that, but I AM interested in submitting to another zine.  The reason I'm posting here, though, is because I have had a hard time finding a zine to submit to.  I would ideally like to submit to a zine that covers topics similar to my own zine: feelings, veganism, collective living, love interests, punk, house shows, mixtapes, etc. I'm also only looking for a print zine to contribute to, not one that is just or part an "ezine".  

If you've got something that sounds good for me, please email me at all4choice@hotmail.com


Heather Wreckage




Sugared Water is seeking short works for a special edition of letters. We’re looking for works of creative nonfiction, micro or flash fiction, or poetry addressed to someone, be it a lover, friend, public figure, past self, the universe, or the world at large.

We’re looking for the intimate and specific, letters full of evocative language, short, funny notes, or passionate remembrances. These can take the form of poems or prose poems as well as prose pieces. Submit all pieces in one .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Prose forms should not exceed 1,000 words each (you may submit 3 at a time in the prose genres). We will consider up to 5 poems.


Submission link & specifics here: SW: Epistolary.



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