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Call for Submissions Thread - all posts that are calls for submissions go here

In general calls for submission and announcements are to be posted on your blog and the forum is for questions and discussions. However, since people seem to think the forum gets more attention, let's use this thread - and this thread only - for any submissions wanted post.  Feel free to aslo post on your blog. Thanks!

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Currently accepting submissions for TAPEWÜRM issue 2.
If you would like to submit music for review, art, or writing, please let me know.

Especially if you would like to join the writing team and write an ongoing feature or contribute reviews for future issues.

Submission deadline for issue 2 is July 30th

Call for Submissions for Anti-Normative work 


Subject Not Object is a curatorial and conceptual attempt at promoting and preserving creations with interests in queer identity, disrupting institutionalized patriarchy, networked action against any systematic prejudice found in the digital landscape, and creation of safe spaces online. 

Subject Not Object produces small press publications, as well as both online and offline public exhibitions. 

Works of art, curatorial proposals, and other things you would like to have considered for publication both online and in print may be sent to 


Please include your name, contact information, title of proposed works, low-res attachments of the work you are submitting, and a short statement on the works. 

Wagonburners is a 'zine about the environmental battle being waged against Indian Country by unscrupulous corporations and private individuals. We welcome submissions from all of our associates (allies is played out), particularly from the LGBTIQA+ community.

Please contact Wagonburners via our homepage, HOWEVER, this is not a project that will focus on Native traditions, spirituality or the like. Any serious submission heeding these guidelines will be considered. Others will be dipped in honey and tied to an anthill.

Wagonburners cannot pay for your submission at this time, but each contributing writer will be sent a copy of their work, free of charge.

Please contact me here or at wagonburnerszine@gmail.com

we publish zine in Turkey. and our zine name is Heyt be! https://www.facebook.com/heytbefanzin You can check that out. "Heyt be! Zine, an illustrution/humour zine collective of Deniz Beşer, Sedef Karakaş, and Barış Sinsi formed in 2010 December.
Having joined zine fairs, festivals and exhibitions such as “Even my mom can make a book 2”, “Zine Fest Berlin” and ” Zürich Small Press Fair”, Zines of the Zone (Mobile Zine Library which travel all around Europe).

and we will be publishing new issue of Heyt be! and we made open call for all illustrators and writers from all around world. if you want to add your support. You can send an illustration for the zine.. Theme is "Dream". it can be great to see your art pieces in that zine...

I hope this fits current guidelines! :-)


NEW POP LIT, an upcoming new lit web site and print journal, is searching for talented DIY writers. We need fun, exciting or emotional short fiction, clearly written and well paced. Not craft so much as energy and the immediacy of experience. We seek stories and writers with verve and personality. The goal: to represent (as zines represent) an alternative to the same-old same-old.

I'm a former zinester and activist. I've always believed that culture is created from the ground up, not imposed by mandarins from on high. It's why I'm looking here for fresh styles and new viewpoints.

Send your stories or ideas for stories to Pop Lit, newpoplit@gmail.com (mailto:newpoplit@gmail.com)


-Karl Wenclas


Looking for people to submit to a new zine called Undelivered. It will feature messages to those we have lost. This can be a letter to someone (human or animal) who has passed, one to someone you no longer talk to, a letter to a lost shoe, a letter to that person in that one math class who you used to talk to, but lost touch as soon as the class ended, etc. It can even be a letter to someone you don't even know. 

I just find that just getting those feelings and thoughts out there into the universe helps me deal.  So I thought others might feel the same way.

Please note that just because this is about people/animals/things we've lost doesn't mean it has to be sad. 

If you are interested, send me a message. If you submit something you will receive a copy of the final product. I cannot offer any kind of payment because if I end up selling any it will just be for the cost of printing. Chances are I will just give most of them away. 

Entries can be letters, drawings, poems, photos, anything you wish. There is no limit. I have not decided on what size it will be yet, so there are no restrictions there. That will all be determined by what sort of entries are received. 

If you have any questions, or wish to submit something please send me a message/comment/pigeon/whatever.

Hello everyone!! I'm looking for contributors for my fall 2014 zine THE COLLAR TONES with the "Past Tense" issue. I want people to scan/collage old writing/photos/items from the past and then reflect on them. For more details, please message me or email me at thecollartoneszine@gmail.com !! Below are some examples of what I'm talking about.

Hello.  I had the pleasure of attending the Portland Zine Symposium on Saturday, July 12th, 2014.  I gave out flyers for our below project that seeks to license characters from zine writers.

These are the requirements:

#1.  We are looking FOR LGBTQIA or female zine or chapbook writers of all race and class backgrounds only.  This is for several reasons including that over 70% of our writing team is currently male (see our below video) and we seek diversity.
#2.  You must have a past or current zine that has at least two volunes.  We are not interested in zines that are "one off" or single issues.
#3.  We are only interested in fictional characters.  Non-fictional characters cause legal complications.
#4.  You will have to send us a scanned copy or PDF copy of your zine so we can read it.  We recommend that you upload it to dropbox and send a link to us via our contact form found below.

  If anyone is interested please contact us

by using our contact page.  Include a phone number or we will not contact you/

Thanks everyone!

Love, peace,



Beauty of Decay: Insuperables  -

Transforming Zine Characters into TV, Film and Video Game Characters in a Unique Zombie Saga.

Your zine character will join several other Zine and/or TV characters.  In order to avoid leaks and intellectual property theft we cannot tell you more of the plot of the story.
Payment:  If our production budget (PB)is $250,000 or less you receive 2% ($5,000 max) of PB.  If our PB is over $250,000 you receive a flat payment of more than $5,000..  Outside of film, TV, merchandise and video game rights you retain similtaneous copyrights to your character:  We retain copyright to only 1 (one) character of your choice.  Guaranteed screen and IMDB.com credit.
No Emotional/Physical Abuse. - People who enjoy yelling, cursing or belittling co-workers are encouraged not to apply.  Bias on the basis of LGBTQIA, race, gender or background is not tolerated.  We do not accept writers with violent criminal offenses that are felony or higher.

See the promo video. 


Thank you.

Dear Anonymous 3 is on its way and I’m looking for letters!

These letters can be confessionals, but they can also be whatever you like them to be. Write to your life, write to your cat, write to your past or your future… Dear Anonymous is about writing the letters of the things you can’t say for whatever reason.

Basically, you’re right in the 1 – 500 words range, but shorter is better. BUT, this zine is about expression, and I don’t want to force anyone to clamp down on their passion just for me. I’m flexible.

Send letters to theauthor at inkyblots.com If I don’t respond to you within a few days, comment here.

All contributors will receive a copy.

Attention writers and artists! This is an open call for submissions for our new project THIS HEART IS HOMEBOUND, a compilation zine on toxic beginnings, non-traditional upbringings, and redefining family. 

The concept for this project is born out of a need expressed by ourselves as well as others in our community, in which we struggle to reconcile the concept of family presented in popular culture with our own "imperfect," non-traditional, or even abusive familial experiences. Moving forward as adults, we also grapple with our own radical notions of what family should be and how to create the support systems that we and our community need. We would like THIS HEART IS HOMEBOUND to be a diverse resource for those of us who are looking for answers to these questions. 

All those who submit to THIS HEART IS HOMEBOUND will receive a free copy of the finished zine!

- toxic families (low contact versus no contact, living through abuse, becoming an adult too young, healing relationships, etc.)
- non-traditional upbringings (foster care/adoption experiences, group homes, not being raised by nuclear family, death/incarceration/institutionalization of intimate family members, growing up in cultures/traditions/religions not recognized by the mainstream, etc.)
- redefining family (navigating chosen family, building positive support systems, de-stigmatizing non-mainstream family structures, etc.)
- coping with all of the above

Submissions may include but are not limited to: personal essays, poetry, visual art, comics, non-fiction, etc.


EMAIL ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: thisheartishomebound@gmail.com

For more info, check out our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1393904284182053/

The Drink Tank (efanzines.com) is looking for submissions for our three issues themed The Movies. The first, The Silents (1894 - 1929) has a deadline of September 10th. The second, Hollywood Finds Its Voice - 1930 to 1960, is October 1st, and the final 1970 to present, is October 15th. We're looking for articles related to movies from those eras, personal stories of how particular movies affected you, art relating to film and films, and movie-related fiction set in those periods would be awesome as well! 

Any word length, any topic, any style. Poetry? Yeah, I'd love some!  

We're also looking for articles specifically on Danish movies for Klaus at Gunpoint (http:/klausatgunpoint.weebly.com) which is Office Supply Publishing's film journal!

All submissions can be sent to journeyplanet@gmail.com





I haven't posted on here in a while but a lot of cool zine-wise/music-wise stuff has been going on in my life. I've done a few punk rock flea markets recently and just picked up a job at my hometown's record store Siren Records in Doylestown, PA- a train ride away from Philly.

In the past they've had a section for zines on consignment but it has since dwindled and I'd like to renew our showcase for DIY and zines by sending out this announcement and redesigning our set up for zine displays in the shop.

We're interested in all types of zines- especially, music-related, political, cooking, poetry, art etc. I'll be selling my zine series Staircase Wit there too! If you'd be interested in the spirit of DIY & supporting independent record stores (while promoting yer own stuff!) contact me @ staircasewitzine@gmail.com. Please include what's your zine about and pictures of the pages inside would be helpful too!

From there on, I'll give you more info & the next steps in this process.
For the love of DIY-
Laura Lane.



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