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I am working on a project called "Barista Adventures," inspired by my time working at a coffee shop. I am looking for anything to do with coffee shops. Humorous stories, facts about coffee, short fiction, comics, ANYTHING as long as it has to do with coffee shops! :D

Anyone have anything they'd like to share?

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Hey i used to work at a coffee shop as a barista once for a while back in the days when i was saving money for my distro. I would love to share some of my stories ;)
Thank you, Muhsin! I know that in the several years I have spent as a barista I have heard and seen some crazy things, I look forward to hearing your stories!!! :D
I am in on this one, I've had a string of coffee shop jobs and I have a lot to write about.

Is there a deadline?
I've got a couple of other things I really need to get to press right now, so I'm not sure exactly when I will print... Probably early spring!
sweet! i've gotta couple of stories a-brewin here, lets keep in contact and i'll send 'em your way when i get to writing them down!
i'll contribute. i get forgetful though. i'll write something and send it to ya, but if you got a deadline coming up at any point, give me a nudge and i'll type it out!
I have a couple of stories involving coffee shops. I'll try to get them written down soon.
Man, I ironically don't have any coffee shop stories (ironic because I spend most of the day there)... and the only weird or whatever thing my friends and I --mostly my friends-- do is give weird names at Starbucks barista... like "Constipation" and such... I lead a lame life :P
I am going to email you a piece very soon about the dream I had last night of being a barista.
That's a great story! You should totally write it up in a cute little way or make it into a small comic if you are an artist and submit it to Rhonda. I know when I am reading a zine, I don't expect every single contribution to be an epic tale. Sometimes shorter things are the best parts.

Really, it's a funny story!
Mab said:
The only truly interesting thing that ever happened to me in a coffee shop was the time I accidentally requested the "Italian Dyke" coffee instead of "Italian Dark." *BLUSH* Well, the people working there thought it was funny...oh those Freudian slips. Not much of a story worth printing, but it still makes me giggle, so I thought I'd share. :-P
Ooh, this is something I can dig something up for! Do you want a zined page, or just text? Also, do you need exclusive publishing rights or some such?
I never take the rights to people's stuff, just for one-time use! :D

You can give it to me all laid out already if you wish, it's 1/2 letter size. Or I will take it as text and paste it all together myself, either way! I'm not picky! :P

And Mab, I love your story! Reminds me of the time I said "Reeses Penis Butter Cups" when I was talking to a really hot guy who worked at a candy store... Oops! I turned redder than a cherry jelly bean!!!



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