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Thanks for checking out this post, guys.


Anyways, just recently, I’ve decided to create an e-’zine. You know, an electronic magazine? I’d love to have some assistance from this awesome community in the form of submissions, writers and ideas for the 'zine.


I’m looking forward to getting to know many, many people and have a ton of fun whilst doing so. I’m looking for witty, intelligent individuals who love to write outside of the box, about life, the world, whatever you're passionate about, and who can be funny storytellers! You're happily welcomed as-well if you've written something previously and would just like to submit it.

The zine is called “brio” and is often displayed as “>brio”, as this from most clearly exhibits the visual logo. Brio is an electronic-magazine that doesn’t have a generalized, bare basis. Rules are not very commonplace, but I’d like the end result of our passages to be something important that the readers can be left to think about and find fun! I'd like our articles to be primarily about life, issues in society, the "human condition", something you’re passionate about, any technology, or vent if you need to and we'll listen. We’re all human. Another may not be able to relate to a certain someone’s views, but we may, at the least, attempt to understand.


Brio is text based only. Brio is styled after many BBS ‘zines that you’d find in the late eighties/early nineties. This lets us be creative while honoring and replenishing the look of yesteryear.


Please e-mail the below address or message me on here if you’re interested. Lets have some fun, and remember: you can choose to write anything you want within appropriate limits, or you can submit something you’ve already written. This is life, have some fun!


This is what the first, introductory issue of brio looks like. Just for you to get a taste. http://pastebin.com/6YnajnrN (Includes a general FAQ. Check it out!) EMAIL: falseagui@gmail.com





We have quite lenient in our rules and what we deem as acceptable or not. If you've got a life lesson, funny story, or some unique thoughts and ideas that you believe others could benefit from, give us a e-mail! We'd love to include it in our publication!

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Sounds cool!


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