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Call for Art Submissions for the Richmond Zine Fest exhibit

As part of the Richmond Zine Fest we have teamed up with our venue, Gallery 5 and their exhibit for the month of November will feature art only by zinesters!

Please visit our website for the PDF that contains all of the paramaters in submitting: Richmond Zine Fest

In addition we will have a "Hands on" zine library/display throughout the month of November for people to read and browse. If you would like to donate your zine to this exhibit please do! Zines will NOT be returned (no exceptions). They will be donated to one of the local Richmond Zine Libraries or a new infoshop that is in the works.

For donations... CLEARLY label that they are for the Richmond Zine Fest: (this address gets other mail than just for the Zine Fest).

Richmond Zine Fest
P.O. Box 35501
Richmond, VA 23235

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I'd say zines need to be in no later than October 15th.

Paranoid Android said:
Whats the deadline for sending in your zine?
Please note that these art submissions are for display in a well-known art gallery in Richmond, and not all pieces will be accepted. We are looking for exceptional pieces that will fit in a gallery setting.

Sorry if this sounds sort of exclusive, but we aren't trying to fill gallery walls with doodles out of zines or stick figures. The art exhibit is to give zinesters an outlet for other type of art that they do.

Zine Covers will be accepted if we have the original art for them (or a nice print). (Think Cristy Road's Green ZIne or Ramsey Beyer's List zine) Also, an example is that the cover of Introvert #5 was a photo I took.. i am thinking about submitting a larger sized print of that photograph, not the cover itself.

i'm possibly interested in submitting some collage work that i've done that sort of centers around postal themes, postage, mail art, etc. because these are in my personal art journals (though i have them scanned in high res on my computer) what do you think an appropriate way to present/submit them would be?

to see the examples, check out my pictures on my facebook page. i think they are near the end.

i don't know they may not really fit in with what y'all are looking for.

Sarah said:
Bumpity boppity boo.

Since I've been contacting a few zinesters whose pictures I see pop up on the slideshow on the main page & am usually told that the work isn't theirs...if you do have artwork posted on your WMZ page and are interested in possibly submitting it to the art show that is coinciding with the Richmond Zine Fest, holla if you want me to look at it. We would really like a variety of zinesters having work in the show, with as even of a balance as possible of a cross-section of zinesters: perzine writers, art zinesters, political/activist zinesters, zinesters who do comics, feminist zinesters, film zinesters, craft zinesters, literary zinesters, etcetera.

We are still taking zine donations for the month-long interactive zine installation as well. We'd like a variety of zines for that exhibit too. The address is above in the original post. Please follow directions with the address since Nicole gets mail for about 3 other projects at that address.
Courtney - we are looking for ALL mediums of work as long as it is done by zinesters. :) what you are talking about sounds like it would fit right in, especially since it ties in with the zinester love of mail! We do need them to be gallery ready and the gallery really wants orginials. I don't know how attached you are for those items to stay in your journals, not having to rip them out and display them somehow. You could always create a new piece for the exhibit as well.
Would the second issue of Driving Blind be something you'd be interested in? It's a drawing my brother did, of a wheelchair with smoke coming off the back, and a city scape in the background. The title is in graffiti letters. It's only quarter-sized, though.
We would definitely like to have that for the zine portion of the exhibit. The art exhibit is for original art pieces that will be for sale and such.

bibliophile83 said:
Would the second issue of Driving Blind be something you'd be interested in? It's a drawing my brother did, of a wheelchair with smoke coming off the back, and a city scape in the background. The title is in graffiti letters. It's only quarter-sized, though.
currently most of the stuff I do is on computer...I use a tablet an photoshop....but i suppose I could do something on paper(>:))....would a high quality print be acceptable?
Just wanted to add to Sarah's thing... if you have specific questions regarding your scans/how to submit, please contact the address in the PDF file. That is direct to Gallery 5. The Richmond Zine Fest is working in conjunction with Gallery 5 to fill their walls for their November exhibit with art by zinesters (NOT necessarily zine-art). The Richmond Zine Fest is simply getting the word out for the gallery. They will have all the necessary information about having gallery-ready art for their walls plus their cut if you sell a piece etc.

The art does not need to be zine related AT ALL. It simply needs to be well made painting, photography, sculpture, installation, etc etc etc This is like any other art gallery show in that only the best will be accepted.
Just wanted to bump this since the deadline is next month!

Also... still taking those zine donations for the "hands-on" zine exhibit for the art show... we can take those thru Mid-October.
thanks, nicole, i had already forgotten.
We are still in need for art submissions and zines for display! Don't forget to submit! ;P

We also have plenty of tables left for Saturday Nov 7th - sign up! http://www.richmondzinefest.org



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