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Maybe I should have more accurately titled this Blogs Versus E-Zines but.. it doesn't really matter. Anywho, I'm a blogger and I did the zine thing like as hard core as possible living in Columbia, South Carolina, and then I stopped. Shortly afterwards I found the world of blogging and right now I'm going gung-ho into it!!

Anywho I was wondering, what's the difference and why?

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Sarah, this is what I meant at the closing of my post. Blogs simply aren't for me, and I wasn't talking about the ratio of responses but the quality of the correspondence I have received for printed items compared to blogs. I am perfectly aware that there are great bloggers out there who put a lot of effort into what they do and end up with something beautiful (I never meant to argue that at all). I'm not making an objective statement about blogs, which I thought I made clear in my post. I'm just talking about my personal preference. As to your "void" question, once again, this is a personal experience I am talking about. I think the difference is in the fact that, with a zine, there is a clear starting and ending point in the process of creation, and this is something that I really need. A blog has a more eternal feeling to it because it is continually updated and edited and changed, and I guess that makes me anxious. I have a strange brain.

Sarah said:
This may be greatly shadowed by the fact that I was never really a perzine writer and had no interest in being one, but how is making zines not speaking into the void as well? What's the ratio of responses to how many copies you put out?

Don't be mistaken, every once in awhile, there is a zinester who comes along and acts as though the whole point of zines is to either be popular and/or make friends with the popular zinesters to raise their profile or score a book deal with Microcosm or even a larger publisher. A lot of people do put a lot into their blogs and it's not just about hits or a fucking Technorati score. It's a forum to write about something you care a great deal for in the end, just in a different medium.

And Mikelle is right, some people do put a lot of work into the layout of their blogs.
Yes, you've nailed it. I've made plenty of zine-like things that I have kept entirely to myself. It's not about the readers so much as it is about getting it out of my head in a way that makes sense and feels satisfying. If I feel like the topic may be of interest to others, then I create with distribution in mind.

Mikelle DeAundre Street said:
I would say that to me a zine gives you more of a sense of accomplishment when you are done wheter someone reads it or not, whereas with a blog I really only feel accomplished if I have readers.
Sarah I entirely agree. I mean I'm not one of those people who does it entirely for the artistic endeavor but part of me does..(I have 2 personas living inside of me and it takes a while to explain so if you want me to just ask if not just nod at the rest of the writing I'm about to do hahaha) Like Markese is entirely all for the artistic expression. He wants to write to write, to style clothing for the sake of designing... he's all for the philisophical the ethereal, what could be, and one that would stare up at the stars and create things with them
Michael is business oriented. He wants to know how much money, fame, or fortune can be made out of writing, how is styling clothes oging to progress us, what does this mean realistically, what are things actually like, and looking up at those stars... how can we make money. These two beings make up Mikelle.

Lotte, yeah zines kind of have a start and ending for each issue... you work for a while towards an expected goal then you see it and it's done. A blog is like, you work on an article today, yay I'm done... let's pull information for another to be done tomorrow... you are continually adding and contributing and updating. I like that aspect.
"transcending the blogosphere"

I think I just found the new subtitle to my blog!
Dan 10 Things- Cool, it's great someone got something tangible out of this!!! Hey what's your blog address?

AnneTeak- yeah I just try to stay professional as possible in a debate.
Mikelle DeAundre Street said:
Dan 10 Things- Cool, it's great someone got something tangible out of this!!! Hey what's your blog address?

Er... I was joking about the whole subtitle thing. Anywho: http://10thingszine.blogspot.com


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