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Do you prefer to print yr zines in black and white or color? Have you seen a trend in which sell better? How about price difference....do you charge more for color copied zines?

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I wish I could afford colour!

Though, to be honest, I often enjoy the raw quality of black and white.
The best kind are black and white photocopying on coloured paper, or a coloured-paper cover with black and white interior pages. :)

You'd have to charge more for colour copied zines as they would cost more to print... it's not always worth it though. I wouldn't pay extra to buy a colour zine unless it looked absolutely amazing.
i agree with Elms! full color zines are great for graffiti stuff, but other than that i prefer B&W. color copies cost about 50 cents or $1 each, while B&W copies are usually around 9 cents each. in other words, a full color zine will "usually" cost you at least $5 or $6. it's worth it for graff pics, but not much else.
I am glad to see that I am not the only one who prefers the good old fashion black and white zine! I don't know what it is but it brings such a smile to my face...and I love the smell of the fresh printed ink when it's hot off the press!

star blanket river child said:
I wish I could afford colour!

Though, to be honest, I often enjoy the raw quality of black and white.
I like both b&w and colour - just depends on the piece. :) I've not noticed much difference in sales between my zines - there have been different reasons for higher or lower sales, and each buyer/distro has given different reasons for not wanting certain ones - so it balances out overall. Yeah, I charge more for colour because it costs me more. :(
Color? I'm still sucking it up over using card stock for the covers.

Occasionally a printer down the road offers color for 20 cents per page, but at this point in time, no, I'm strictly black and white. Though I have used color paper, but I don't think that's what you meant when you said color.
I've used color paper but it's 50 cents a page for color copies, so...
I would probably only use color for photos.



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