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Hey there,


I'm not really a zinemaker as much as i'm a fan. However as graphic designer in university i always arrive at projects where we have to use the photocopy machine once and while and sometimes more than often. Many times getting too creative ( ex. overlaying and copying weird stuff) and spending too much time is extremly unpractical at copy places. I also occationally do my own creative stuff with photocopies as well which i may plan on taking further.

I thought why not own a copier, and when i mean copier i mean analog because I favor the quality over the digital ones and i'm strictly for all things analog.

THe market is flooded with these all in one copier , scanner , printers  in which copiers  feel more like prints from a computer printer..  somethings being coarse dot based digital print..

and sometimes its really hard to find working analog, which is now almost obsolete in the marketplace


I could never find any old personal copiers (pc) so i thought this would be good: Canon np 1550 ( 15-20 years old) attached is a pic


The dealer said the ink is really cheap. So the ink cost shouldn't be an issue.


The only questions i have are:


Is the analog ink toxic? (I plan on putting it on the outside closed balcony of my bedroom),

How often do second hand machines break down?

Is it really worth owning?


Another way I see it is owning an dying piece of analog machinery. Where as digital copies are easier to locate in public places analog ones are sometimes harder to find when you need them for public usage.


Theres something warmer and finer about  the analog print especially since it is line based.


What do you guys think?

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I asked a very similar question here:


In response to that question, a member of this site, a seasoned "copy jocky", contacted me anonymously, and offered to answer the question at length.  He sent it via e-mail, and I printed it in my zine, .Zap!!omania.  The short answer is pretty much "no", owning one isn't advised.  You're welcome to a copy for $1 or trade:

James N. Dawson

P.O. Box 292

Malden, WA  99149

I probably know much less about photocopiers than you do. I do own a cheap Brother 3-in-1 and use it once in a while in zine production, but it's often a huge hassle, with jam, misfeeds, etc.

Well they have something called "PC" copiers. Canon personal copiers. You also  have analog versions  that are still being made till today. You can get the older models on ebay which could have more options. There also is a color version. The only issue is that nobody where I live has one. So if something goes wrong i wouldn't have support. Plus ink might be costy.


But on some you have the option of color isolation and analog color always looks better than digital. I don't think the analog color machines are still being made anymore.


I'm never intended to use them for zines or for daily heavy usage. SO whats a better reason not to own one?



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