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Hey everybody ! I need help and input from you guys...

I am getting back into the ZINE groove of things..... started ordering zines again, reading zines again, checking out what's new, what's STILL THERE, every once in a while, I check out this forum, the sadly very slow now zine_scene on LJ, etc.....  it is AMAZING I must say to recognize all those names from 5, 10, 15 years past...... people I traded zines with, wrote letters to, etc... and I cant wait to get back in the game !

I havent put out a zine since 2008 but I plan to put some out in 2014 AND attend Expozine in Montreal and possible CanZineWest in Vancouver.....

proof that I'm serious....? I bought some new typewriters balls on Etsy....... and I'm gonna have my chokey IBM Selectric checked out by the typewriter doctor soon..... as well as my home photocopier.....


I used to have websites for my zines......  on Geocities and Angelfire......  

I am NOT a very computer-savvy person at all....

It was easy enough but I used to spend HOURS ON END writing code on my former free websites....

which are now defunct.

So zinesters, who have websites...... what do you use ? What works best for you guys ?

What do you like from this or that hosting website ?

I'd rather use a free service, or only pay for the domain  ie, myname.com, then redirect to a free page...

I have MANY DIFFERENT ZINES so I want to make different pages for each,

post pictures, etc....so ideally a lot of space for the pics or hotlinking allowed from flickr or photobucket, many issues to showcase at once, info, bio, contact, links, etc....

Which is the website hosting that is the best, easiest to use, looks good, etc...

I dont want to spend hours writing code anymore.... I couldnt.....

I still have as much (almost) free time as before but I have better things to do with it.... ;)

And YES I have checked this stuff myself on the web as every DIY person does.... but it's hard to get an idea and I'm not gonna start a website on every site just to see....


Also I'm looking to maybe start a distro

AND have another website for my novel writing,

so any input is very welcome !!

Thanks in advance everyone !!!!!!


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Try wordpress. You can buy your domain through wordpress and host the site for free. You can also start multiple blogs using the same log in info.

OK I will give it a go. Thanks for your input Rebecca !


I really like Weebly and Wix. It's just drop and drag and really easy. The price is pretty low to upgrade and with weebly it includes lots of sites.I made http://www.gifts of an eagle.com and many others.  Also, for my sites I use Blogger. I set it up a long time ago. It's kind of limited, but is easy.

Thanks for the input Krissy :) I'll check it out :)


I really like Weebly too, it's very user friendly!

okay, I will have a look at it, thanks Tina !


I really liked many of Moonfruit's themes visually so I gave it a go, but found it complicated and I dont like the fact that if you want to put your own images, the pictures that were already on the template do not disappear, they stay under your own pictures and they show when the page loads.....

I just checked Wix's themes but they are not very original or appealing to me..... 

I am trying Wordpress and I cant figure out how it works. I was trying to create a page and it suddenly closed the page in my face and I was like "where did it go?" Also the page I created doesnt look like the template I chose... scatching my head... You cant change font color, etc if you dont upgrade (pay)..... 

(sorry if I appear picky or difficult.....  I'm just starting and noting my impressions for future reference I guess)

I used to html code my own pages myself, but there is NO WAY I'm doing this again, I DO NOT have this kind of free time anymore, to fiddle 5 hours for a millimeter of space between text & picture, etc....

Still gotta try Weebly...

I guess I'm just loooking for a visually appealing, drag-n-drop really easy template that is not just for blogs, but for showcasing pictures (zine covers)



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