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I have been away from the zine culture for some time (simply put, I've been treating myself to a two year retreat, deep in the mountains of montana), and while creating one thing or another has never stopped, the belief that I needed/wanted any sort of community did. Eek. (we all move in and out of things, thankfully)

Anyway, as I've been putting together a zine of my experiences in this wacky little town, inevitably I've been poking around the zinesters' contributions to the interweb. And yesterday as I'm looking at a distro, then my horoscope, then a distro, then a......wha wha what?! Doth my eyes deceive me?! A social networking website for Zine Folk???

I'll admit, I was leary at first, but all it took was a good look around this place for me to realize the same positive energy that arrives in our post boxes is coursing through this site as well.

To wrap this up, while the excitement of the increased networking via this site burns within me, (going from SLC to the middle of nowhere has been challenging at times) I am also itching for a good old fashioned pen pal (or two or three).

I will send you my sketches of turquoise-faced people and dried pine needles, I'll tell tales of a land with no traffic lights. And hopefully, I'll receive the same- only uniquely yours.

Warm Regards,

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Count me in; I just got a shiny new PO Box and I'm itching to fill it. Send whatever you like to:

PO Box 332213
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

And I hereby extend that invitation to whoever happens upon this thread. Send me stuff and I'll send you stuff. Everybody wins!
P.O. Box 2381
Eureka, MT

While I've always wanted to send smoke signals, an address might speed up the process.

And thanks for your enthusiasm, Frothy! Can you ever, ever receive too many handwriitten&crafted things in the mail??
I think not. I just finished a 24 hr zine that I'll try to get out to you asap...
i'm happy to do that. I"ve spent some time alone in the bush myself, cutting down trees and choking on campfire smoke.
altho I live in Australia, so i couldnt afford to send stuff constantly.

my address is:

108a Nelson Road
Mount Nelson
Hobart, Tasmania
Australia 7007



for your

will send snail addy to you...


tim scannell
port angeles, wa
Count me in! I'll send you things too, when i get around to printing LOL
Email me @ rebekkah--ess@hotmail.co.uk for my address because i don't like posting it on websites.


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