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I'm based in Australia and was wondering if there are other Aussie zinemakers out there on WMZ? Are you interested in trading? Apart from the MCA Zine Fest and National Young Writer's Festival, I'm not aware of any other zine events. Could you enlighten me? Also, where can I find zines, like distros and such (I live in Sydney).


P.S I'm a bit of a noob with all of this.

P.P.S excuse the barrage of questions.



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Hi! I'm from Australia :) There's quite a few Australians on here now - it's hard to find them though! As Amber linked, those are two great distros and they stock a fair few Australian zines. I read "Fairytales in the Supermarkets" by Emma from Take Care distro and it was hilarious and worth checking out. Bird in the Hand distro is based in Sydney.

Some more of my favourite zinesters from australia are Amanda and The Fetus from Tiny Paper Hearts, (recently I've loved "Epitaph for the Heart (amanda) and "Shy Like Punched Pie" (the fetus). Fergus zine is really awesome. You can get them from Sticky distro. Mote zine by Cameron Baker is great (Sticky distro). There's a new zine called "Pie" from Sydney that is a pretty good colaboration zine. I also love Mel Stringer's and Dawn Tan's zines (art-based). Ooh and anything by Vanessa Berry.

Er, that's off the top of my head, I'm sure I've missed a bunch.

As for zine events and such, if you maybe sign up to Sticky's newsletter and follow Take Care's blog, as well as joining google's australian zinester's group, you might be kept more up to date on things like that. Are you only interested in events happening in Sydney? There's Festival of the Photocopier that happens in Melbourne in February, I think?
hi! i'm not from Australia, actually i'm on the opposite side of the planet (in Portugal) hehehe but i've got some pretty cool zines from Australian zinesters!
like Tee Rex mentioned, the Tiny Paper Hearts girls make some awesome zines! there's also Sandy (sandylovesyou.com), she's here on WMZ too, just like Tiny Paper Hearts. also here on WMZ, you have Spurzine, he 's got a bunch of zine titles on his profile so you can check it out.
hope i'm not forgetting anyone from my "ziney contacts"!...

as for distros, you also have Bird in the Hand; right now their online shop is moving, but you can still get a glimpse of the zines they have. they also have a zine shop in Newcastle, but i had no idea if that was close to Sydney, obviously. until i looked it on Wikipedia, now i know both cities are in New South Wales and kinda close to each other, but i was just looking at a map. you probably know better than me ;-)
thankyou everyone :)
my only issue is that I can't get to Bird in The Hand cause it's in Newcastle :( But i'm trying to get there for the National Young Writers Festival in November.
I will defs check all of them out. I've been midly stalking Tiny paper hearts via their wordpress (I think?).
Are you two going to the MCA Zine Fest?

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