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Are your zines hand done, cut-and-paste or desktop published...or both?

How do you make your zines?

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My is done on the computer. I love the look of the handwritten zine I see, but fear mine would be incomprehensible it I tried having my contributors all submit their stories like that.
Cut and paste!! <3

Derek Neuland said:
Cut and paste!! <3
cut and paste forever. i've always liked the way bad typewriter font looks too, but my fingers could never keep up so i just use courier font and pretend.
I started out cut and paste, and then started typing everything up on a computer and cut and pasting. Now, I mainly do desktop publishing. There's the problem of room and of me procrastinating and leaving everything out. Things tend to get lost that way. I'm teaching my 6 year old daughter cut and paste, and my 9 year old son likes desktop. Different strokes for different folks.
Combination of cut and paste and print out, my handwriting is of variable quality so I can't really trust that. I get friends to draw pictures.
mostly cut'n'paste. my flats are not electronic. i do most of my text on my laptop and most of my drawings by hand with blue pencil and various fineliners and markers. i'm starting to experiment with a crowquill pen. i generally do the drawing larger and reduce them with a fancy laser copier/printer i have access to so that they don't look digitized. they look like crap from my home printer. i'm planning on scanning all my clean flats so i have copies and might eventually have them printed from pdf rather than hardcopy.
The first issue of Frothy was done in Microsoft Word. It was a pain in the ass to do the pagination that way. But I got it looking pretty much how I wanted it, which was essentially a ripoff of McSweeney's. Now I do cut & paste all the way. Frothy #2.5 was printed, then cut & pasted, since it was a 1/16th size and I needed super small font. Other than that I rely on my typewriter and my giant Rubbermaid bin of books, magazines, and photocopied security envelopes. I'm just starting to get into illustrating stuff myself and handwriting portions of my zines.
My zines are cut and paste, but I like very clean layouts. I like the cut and paste though so I can use different fonts and typefaces - handwriting some things, typewriting some things, printing out some things. Cutting out paragraphs and pictures and figuring out how to arrange them in an aesthetically appealing way is one of the most gratifying aspects of making a zine.
I have problems pasting text, because you can't just cut it smaller. You have to guestimate at the size you want and then reprint it.
hand done :) i like technology and all, and i have tried using inDesign and Publisher before but personally, there is something too apppealing about a cut and paste, hand done and assembled zine.
I'm in the midst of getting my first issue ready to go, and it's hand written, cut and paste with pictures from magazines, leaflets, anything lying around really. If I could find typewriter ribbon easily I'd typewrite a lot of mine though.



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