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Are your zines hand done, cut-and-paste or desktop published...or both?

How do you make your zines?

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I made my first issue with a computer, with scanned pictures resized etc. But I used a typewriter font... I wanted a handmade look but didn't have any printer or typewriter on that night. I still don't have, but I'm trying to make my second issue totally cut & paste.
I'm looking for one in france... so uncomon now.

mine are always cut and paste. mostly typewrited,

KellyRose-Pulse Zine said:
ditto 8)

miss tukru obscene said:
cut & paste for life.
Desktop publishing has always been fun for me, so that's what I do. But I try to add a few extra touches like stickers or stamps or something to make them a little bit personalized.
cut and paste!
i type and draw mine by hand and figure out the layout in a cut and paste kind of way, then i scan them all into photoshop, clean them up a little and make my type darker since my typewriter ribbon is perpetually running out of ink, and make pdf's to send to the printer. sometimes i'll do other digital tweeking, like inverting my handdrawn text so that it's white on black, etc, just to give it more punch. so a little of both i guess.
Mine are all cut and paste except for the cover page, which I like to do on the computer cos it looks fancy.
Me too.

incurable hippie said:
Mine are generally typed on the computer, then totally cut and paste for layout. Except my 50:50 zines which are handwritten.
gotta confess, when I look at handwritten zines, my first instinct is to put it down and look for something else. Handwriting can be so hard to read sometimes.

I just do it on microsoft word. I feel like I have more flexibility, becuase you can always resize. And you can get teh same cut-and-pase effect with movable and rotatable textboxes.
My handwriting isn't great and my writing flows faster if I type than if I handwrite. BUT I'm not great at computer design and I get frustrated with it.

So I type up all my content, print it off, cut it up, and paste it down.
If you have microsoft word, go to insert -> textbox. Then you can type in there and resize, rotate, etc., so its like cut and paste only cleaner.
Cut and Paste all the way!!! I love getting my hands dirty and really spending time getting my layout JUST perfect! As far as my text goes....I go back and forth between handwritting it and typing it on the computer. I like the fact that I can play around with different fonts when typing it up on my puter...but when it comes to the look and layout... I revert back to cutting and pasting with glue sticks.

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