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Are your zines hand done, cut-and-paste or desktop published...or both?

How do you make your zines?

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hand done, definitely. I love the feeling of getting sticky from gluesticks and trying to figure out how to fit something on a page that I accidentally printed too large. it's frustrating and times, but so rewarding when you're done, and you can say, I did that, with my hands.

Though, I have nothing against desktop published, it looks so nice and neat, I just... like to really get in there and get dirty.
gluesticks and double sided tape! yeah, i actually cut and paste from hand.. print some stuff, hand write some..
Mine are laid out electronically using something called LaTeX, which is typically used for laying out scientific papers. It's what I know, so it's what I use. I've had thoughts of making a cut-and-paste zine, though, just to try it out.
I've always done cut-n-paste, but it's been a honed craft. I've used computer printers in the past, but now I've gone back to the old style. I like the look of simple typewriting and clip art and that's where I feel most comfortable, so that's going to be my medium for the time being.
My first few zines were cut&paste, but I prefer doing it electronically now. Both ways are fun, but computerness is more practical for me these days - smaller workspace, nosey cat, can work from different places without lugging around paper & glue. My head is still used to cut&paste, though. It's still weirds me out a bit, remembering that there's more flexibility with software. :)
Mine are generally typed on the computer, then totally cut and paste for layout. Except my 50:50 zines which are handwritten.
cut 'n' paste
...'puter text print-out (various fonts)
paras from magazines i like...
ads...clipart...stickers from shops/grocery...
drawings...'puter art..paste all down and then
UPS/Mailbox for best copy-buy...
i got 37 zines copied for $5.48 (tax incl)
last week...viz., 15 cents/zine!!!!!
and their color/b&w copiers are REALLY
sharp...clean white against whatever else
you've pasted down...old b&w photos and
this week's magazine snippets are both
i format the text/images on computer, print and cut out the elements and paste them together. sometimes i have stuff that arent from the computer that i just stick on collage style.
I'm doing my first one on the computer.
Drawings in Adobe with a tablet, and eveything else in Indesign. I am very much a fan of "undo".
Like Sandy, my workspace is limited and I like being portable ;-)

Though, in the future I might do the drawings in ink and then scan them.
cut & paste for life.
I print the text in individual lines on the computer, print them out, and then glue them individually onto backgrounds. Sometimes I do the same thing with my typewriter too, but the letters on it are pretty big, and I don't always fancy reducing it before gluing (I make my masters actual size). I think that's a pretty typical way to do things.
ditto 8)

miss tukru obscene said:
cut & paste for life.


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