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"Writers are a bunch of screwed up and heartbroken people. Creativity is pain entwined with beautifully written text."

do you agree? i do, sometimes. but then again, who isn't or has never been heartbroken? or who has never really felt pain? I think it just depends on what outlet you use to express and let it go.

what do you think?

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i like what you said about writers b eing passionately in love with life! that's so cool! i feel like i am passionately in love with life and i write zine so maybe...

Spanishzinestress78 said:
I have always thought of writers as people who are passionately in love with life and so aware of even the smallest details of what it entails (love, lust, pain etc) that they (or better said, we) need to ´´pour´´ our feelings and experiences onto paper to release that intensity. Ehm... did it make any sense? I am losing my touch with the English language, I would be able to express that more coherently in Spanish (my mother tongue) I promise :)
So heartbroken? yes (who hasn´t anyway? Life is packed full of heartbreaking moments) . Screwed up? not necessarily at all. In fact quite the opposite IMHO.
We are the lucky ones :) at least that´s how I often feel being part of this global zine community.
I think that "screwed up" is a emotional/intellecual state of mind, not a state of being. We are who we are. Even if we're "screwed up", it's always only temporary and has nothing to do with who we are. A lot of writers say they write to make sense of things they don't understand. I completely agree. You can tell when a writer is just showing off or being commercial and when they're speaking from the heart. That doesn't mean you can't be light hearted or fun. It just basically goes down to what Charlie Parker said: "If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."



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