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Does anyone know who is ultimately responsible for the publishing of Cometbus?   I would like to keep Cometbus in the Click Clack Distro catalog but do not want to order from Microcosm.  I know that Last Gasp and AK Press both are carrying the two most recent issues, but just wanted to see if anyone knew if it was actually Last Gasp who is the publisher? 

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No clue in it, though I assume you have #53 already?
Yup i have all issues of Cometbus from #34 on. :)

It doesn't say in #53 who printed it or anything, nor did Aaron put anything regarding who to contact regarding wholesale. I may just contact Last Gasp anyway. It just seemed like their wholesale procedure was sort of weird, and I couldn't figure out if it was just for their publications only.

Stephanos said:
No clue in it, though I assume you have #53 already?
I too was looking into this because I wanted to carry Cometbus in the zine/comic distro i'm starting and also didn't want to order from Microcosm. Last Gasp seemed like the best bet, though I doubt they're publishing the zine. I'm thinking about sending a letter to his p.o. box listed in the back of one of his latest issues asking about wholesale.
bump. any updates on this?
Amy - I emailed Last Gasp a couple of days ago but haven't gotten a response yet. I will post as soon as i hear back from them.
try getting in touch w/ book thug nation bookstore on N. 3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and see if they have an info to share...

Hey Nicole,

We will be carrying Cometbus 54 when it lands in about 10 days.  www.lastgasp.com.  We are also publishing a new book by him this summer "Add Toner".  I think the retail price will be $12.00, so stay tuned!



Last Gasp


You can try writing Aaron directly. He usually answers snail mail eventually.
Excuse me?

bobby madness said:
it seems like if you knew what you were doing,you would already know where to get it.maybe you should do something else until you figure it out

It's not a roundabout way of saying i don't like Microcosm.  I DON'T LIKE MICROCOSM. 


Why do you not understand finding out who the publisher is to get it straight from the source other than another party?  


bobby madness said:

i think what i said was pretty clear-its cometbus-how could you not figure out how to get a few copies?it seems like a roundabout way of saying you dont like microcosm.go shoplift some from barnes and noble or something.
yeah thats a viable and mature response!?  if you dont have any advice for her keep your bs to yourself.

bobby madness said:
go shoplift some from barnes and noble or something.
cometbus is generally self-published, like most zines. his last issue was printed by the same guy who does my zine, markley hart at econo press in berkeley...but the printer has nothing to do with publishing.



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