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Does anyone know if any person or group is sponsoring (or whatever) the 24 Hour Zine Thing this year? The website hasn't been updated since last August, and I sent an email to the contact address and have received no reply.

I know we don't need a website or a sponsoring organization to make our 24 hour zines, but I'm just wondering if anyone is gathering/archiving the resulting zines.

Is anyone planning to do a 24 hour zine in July? I definitely want to do one, since I've never participated before.

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I've made a 24-hour zine the last two years in a row, and I'll definitely make another one this year. As far as I recall, and I may be mistaken, the 24-hour zine thing site wasn't updated much at all the last couple times either, or at least not 'til the very last second. But I always forget to submit mine to the 'organizers' anyway.
I'd love to have a go. It won't be strictly 24 hours, if that includes printing, as I suspect that I will have to go to Machynllyth for that. But it would be near enough!
Hey guys,

We'd also love to participate! However, after looking for a submission date online, I also found no up-to-date information.

The webpage I found mentioning this event was: http://www.rockscissorspaper.org/24hzfaq.htm. On the rockscissorspaper homepage, she mentions another group taking over this event. But their webpage seems to be out of service (http://24hourzines.com/). Is that what you guys saw too?

I guess we'll just wait like Maranda said to do. Any information we come upon though will be passed along here.

This is the last post I found on the 24 Hour Zine Thing website (http://24hourzines.com/)

The end, end, end

August 4th, 2008 — By sundaykofax

As it is August 4th, we’re WAY done with the whole month of July. This can only mean one thing:

The 24 Hour Zine Thing is dooooone, for another year. For all of you who created a new zine, congratulations! You did it!

Here’s where you send your zine (or multiple copies if you want to distro it!
Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

Last year was the first year that Shannon, Raven, and I handled the logistics of 24HZT, and I have to say, I think we’re learning. We should do something more exciting with the zines that show up. What if this year, we featured a new 24 hour zine or two on the blog each month? That will keep us craving the insanity until July rolls around again.

I am going to do a zine regardless. Maybe a zine library will archive all of the 24 Hour zines produced this year. Any takers?
well i signed up, but havent heard of any updates recently either. and i know that the activity is also going to be part of the IZM, maybe as a last resort, the IZM site can feature all 24hour-zine-things done althroughout july...?



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