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I've recently really gotten into guerilla art and I want to know if anyone here on WMZ would be interested in reading such an animal, or better yet, submitting material. I would like to make it one part showcase for found guerilla art, one part how-to, and one part rumination on the importance of non-corporate messages and images in public spaces. Topics could include guerilla gardening, what happens when guerilla artists become "the man" (i.e. Banksy), how guerilla art changes a community, and just about anything else in that vein.

In keeping with the masked vigilante nature of guerilla art, I would lean toward making the zine entirely anonymous and leaving it in public places. I'd charge postage for copies sold online, but that's all. Contributors would receive copies to do with as they wish.

Does this sound at all interesting? Any other thoughts, concepts, suggestions, or ideas? Would you read it? Would you contribute? Go go go!

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i would submit photos, conduct interviews, write articles, and certainly would read it. not nearly enough zines about this stuff. zine makers don't know enough graffiti/street artist people, and graff/street art people aren't about to make a zine talking about what they do.

hit me up, let me know how i can help! think about what you would want to be included in the phrase "guerilla art" as well. coolness!
Billy Da Bunny said:
think about what you would want to be included in the phrase "guerilla art" as well.

This is a very good thing to establish. I think, for my purposes, guerilla art will include anonymously produced pieces of intentional creations in public places, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, images, messages, and combinations thereof, public gardens that are not maintained by a government or corporation, three-dimensional works that augment existing structures such as wrapped buildings, and performance art like Improv Everywhere. I consider stenciled imagery spray painted on walls to fall under the umbrella of guerilla art, but not conventional graffiti tagging, if that makes sense.

But I'm still new to this and my experience is limited. Any arguments for or against aspects of guerilla art? Things I haven't considered? If anyone out there is an advocate of a variety of guerilla art not generally recognized as such, I'd love to include an article defending and promoting it.

And thanks for the encouraging responses! I'd like to put this together soon and have it ready early in the new year, so you'll all be hearing from me.
I don't know how much I could contribute, but I'd love a copy.
I may be interested in submitting a piece on the Guerilla Girls and would definitely be interested in reading the zine! I think it's an awesome idea.

i would read it and submit.this is a really good idea


I'm with you!  I'd totally read it and contribute to it.  My zine is a sticker trading zine, for the most part! 

contribute, share my ideas, distribute it , blog about it , hell i will even wheatpaste the entire thing on a wall in my city --- on a black opts mission ----- DONT get caught *


lets do this.

The person who started this discussion is not gone; she's right here. And it wasn't a call for submissions, but rather a way to gauge interest and decide whether I should bother soliciting submissions at all. I asked for submissions in a different discussion, in which Krissy set me straight but was kind enough to not shut down the thread. 

While I'd also prefer people not pull up threads I started two years ago, it's nice to see the idea still resonates with folks. I didn't get much in the way of submissions despite all the enthusiasm, thus, the zine hasn't happened yet. Maybe someday.

I'm busy.



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