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any recomendations on zines regarding sexual assault/abuse?

Recently a very close cousin of mine admitted to being molested by her mother's boyfriend. She is 14 and has been to counseling but didn't say much about what happened which is also the reason we weren't able to press charges on her abuser. I haven't noticed any change in her personality at all and I do not want to push her to talk about anything because I feel if she feels right saying something she will but I kind of feel like she just doesn't want to talk to me about it because I am so close to her or doesn't want us to worry about her. Are there any zines you would recommend I could give to her? I thought reading someone else's story could maybe help her out.

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I'm sorry about your cousin.


I agree with the suggestions Support and Ask First and I'd also like to add Learning Good Consent by Cindy Crabb and others and Good Sex/Bad Sex by Kayla.

you can find Support and Learning Good Consent at Cindy's distro, Riot Grrr Distro ( http://www.dorisdorisdoris.com/riotgrrrrhome.html ), and (as Nicole Introvert said) Nicole Introvert's Click Clack Distro ( http://clickclackdistro.com/ ). you can find Ask First at Click Clack Distro, too (as she said). Good Sex/Bad Sex can be found at Sweet Candy Distro ( http://sweetcandydistro.weebly.com/ ).

Manduh Land: Sexual Assult by Manduh

Its alittle short because its a 24-hour-zine. But its a good read.

you can E-mail her for a copy: anspadaro@gmail.com

Six Letters Addressed To You just came out and it has some great pieces on that subject. It can be found be googling the title or patrokolos.



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