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I'm really looking for Zines that focus more on Anarchist ideology..rants,dumpster diving and so forth..basically stuff made by collectives a long with zines that tend to be a bunch of calibrations from multiple people in a city. Stuff that covers what kinda stuff is going on in your city, key interests, event review, random rants and ideas

really, im looking for zines that can stand up to my ADD...and are just really full on indie media

Anyone know of any or helping work on some or something?
I don't have any for trade at the moment but that should change in a few weeks so if you could handle getting em to me for free then rad or i could always get stuff to people when i get my stuff.

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Thank's a lot. I actually just placed an order with Microcosm Publishing and ordered two issues. I just check out the link and sent them a friend request and am going to further look at the page a little later.

Thanks a lot

Sarah said:
My friend Mo runs an anarchist zine distro called Approaching Apocalypse. The website is at http://www.myspace.com/approachingapocalypse.

And although I've never read it, you might want to check out the Complete Control book. I think
Plan-It-X Records published & sells it. I could never get through any issues, but Greg tended to write a lot about various goings on in Richmond for 10-15 years, like Tent City in Monroe Park, Food Not Bombs, etcetera.

You also should check out the zine Doris. You can find that in a lot of distros.
I really want to start a more regular radical/anarchist zine about Richmond specifically, but it will probably be a couple months before my life is together enough to do it.

Here's some free ones!


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