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At the end of this month it will be 3 years since I started We Make Zines. I would love to hear any stories you all have about how WMZ has helped you connect with someone  (or something) special.


Did you find a long lost pen pal on We Make Zines?

Did you meet your bff here?

Did you find a zine you've been looking for forever here?

Did you find people doing zines right in your town?

Did you start a group or event with people you met here?


I love being able to connect people. I suspect there has been some of that on WMZ in the last year. So, please indulge my ego a bit here and let me hear any stories you have of finding a great connection on WMZ.  Thanks!

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I just got this zine in the mail called Out of Time. all original art work. its so good!! 

great, can you link to the person's profile or website?

ive been looking for a good trade community to distro my zine into, if anyone is willing to trade or even just interested in getting one of mine, throw me a request.

There is a group on here just for trades. Look under groups.

I went to a comic shop on one of my routine trips to Chicago, they had a huge zine selection. "ANYONE can print a book!?", I thought to myself. I loved making comics and artwork but I never felt like I was good enough to ever get published in the traditional sense. I was setting up plans for issue #3 of my own zine (which is still hanging in creative limbo, sadly) and I made a call for submissions. Only Karley Bayer was interested enough (thank you, btw), and I wound up being a big art contributor for numerous issues of her zine The Filth

It's so exciting knowing that people are actually seeing my work. I'm still working on personal projects and doing flyer artwork for punk rock shows. 

I feel like some random zine person I know/sorta know signed me up to recieve a package from the American Amateur Press Association. I immediately bought a membership! #gogogadgetzines 

Hi Krissy! Here's my story...I just signed up the other week and just saw YOUR icon! I recognized you from a ways back from San Francisco Zine Fest in the early 2000's and Portland Zine Fest (circa 2006?). I did a zine called "Servings" on body image. Nice to see you here. I am just finding my way around and it may take a while for me to get the hang of this site. It's a great site and hopefully what I'm looking for to fortify the love I have for the zine community.

xo Rani

Hi Rani, I remember your Zine and still have it. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your new work.

This forum has been an excellent way for me to connect with other zinesters. Because of this site, I have been able to donate copies of my zines to libraries and distros and also to pass on zines that I have read already to someone new. This is also the place where I could connect with some of my old zinester pals from years ago! Thanks Krissy for creating this site :)



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