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I've been a zine fan for a while, but have never got around to making my own zines. Now I'm interested in creating a collaborative art zine. I was about to post a call for people to collaborate but first I'd like your advice peeps!


What advice do you have for collaborative zine projects? How should contributors be acknowledged? What should I expect to give contributors in return for their work? Or what should I expect in return for contributing to someone else's zine?


Anyone with tips to share - much appreciated.



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Erm, I'm just a starter (noobie!), so my thoughts might not mean much... My first zine needs contributions, so basically I put the shout out for contributions and, if they include their mailing address, I'll send them a copy. Assuming most of the contributions will be from overseas and how much stamps cost, I figure it's good compensation for someone just starting out.


As for acknowledgements, I have a 'contributors' page I'm including. I think that's simplest.

I don't think anyone should necessarily "expect" anything. Often if youcontribute to a zine you will be sent a copy of that zine. You're already benefitting in that your work is seen by a larger audience. Contact details should be included for contributors if they are available so taht readers can get in touch with them directly
If you make it sounds like you're going to publish whatever people give you, but prepared to publish whatever people give you. If you're not prepared to publish whatever people give you, make it clear when you tell people to considering giving you. Understand that being less likely to publish whatever people give you may make people less likely to give you anything.

It sounds like you'll be editing, rather than collaborating. Those are very different processes. Collaborating means creating the zine with others, where the decision-making is a shared process. What you're describing is editing - soliciting contributions, deciding what you'll use, designing it, and printing it yourself.

Being editor puts you in control, so it helps contributors if your request is clear as far as topic, how to send it, etc. Most zines done this way promise attribution and a copy or two.



I would image just credit and a copy of the finished zine is all thats really required...Iv submitted to two comp zines and neither of them have been finished yet, so since I am a zine n00b as well, I cant tell you much more, but that is what Iv been operating under the assumption of recieving.

Thanks all for your replies so far. Margarat - thanks for clarifying the difrerence between collaborating and editing. Stephanos - that's what I wanted to know - so I could write in my zine call. Dan C - great points there. What are people's personal experiences making/editing zines with a selective process? Have any of you approached someone directly about contributing because you've seen some of their work and liked what they do?


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