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perhaps this has already been discussed. at any rate, i've found one too many defunct distro links! it would be lovely to have a list of distros that are actually updated and selling!
so i suppose if you have one or know of some that are actively running, link me!

thanks & xo, 
miss nico.

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vampire sushi distro is still active, though temporarily on hiatus. but i should be re-opening sometime next week!

also off the top of my head;
Like Turku already said, Click Clack, I'm in the middle of a big website revamp but i'm still open in the process. The new (completely updated) website should be up hopefully next week!

I also wanted to add Parcell Press to the list.

Stranger Danger is a great distro as well, but their website is having technical difficulties and will be back soon.
Lights Go Out
Ape City
Kill your own
Also bald cactus but I can't seem to find Andy's blog

Most of these are politics/music zines

most of tukru's list are perziney

also check my zinemap http://bit.ly/zinemap for contact details of various zinesters. I'm afraid its not up to date at the moment though
Look to Zine World for an annotated list of active distros: http://www.undergroundpress.org/zine-resources/stores-distros.
I love your zinemap!

Jenna Freedman said:
I love your zinemap!

I had to remake it as i had it as open edit and someone moved all the pins around. I need to get around to updating it but always end up reading zines instead of updating it! I have all the info in an excel spreadsheet and at some point my friend is helping me to actually have a proper database for it to make it easier to edit
it's not active quite yet, but i am working on rebooting girl gang. i have to sort through the trainwreck of what's left from my first attempt, though, so it's going to take a while before it's once again operational.

on that note, if anyone who used to be distro'd through girl gang happens to see this, would you shoot me an email [girlgangdistro (at) gmail (dot) com] so i can settle up on what i owe? most of my emails are getting bounced back to me. :(
I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with my mental health distro (www.fluxxii.com) and have been debating whether I should make it distro only (it also has some handmade stuff). I don't think I could ever abandon it though!
I run Honey Flow Distro out of Providence, RI. Website is still being built, but I can be contacted at honeyflowdistro@gmail.com.



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