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the last zine i did was in 2005, i made 3 issues and then shortly after it i just quit and never made one again :S quite sad really, and its hard to think that that was over 4 years ago.
anyway, after reading so many awesome zines and going to the london zine symposium a few times ive became very inspired to write my own zine again.

part of me is worried that its going to be a pile of poop that no one wants to read, but part of me thinks that i should just be brave and just give it a try and see what happens.

does anyone else ever read other zines and think that theirs would just pale into insignificance? or is it just me who feels like this??

anyway im going to stop blabbering on and be quiet :P

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Just go for it. It sounds like you're overthinking it - I'd say write it, put it together, and get it copied without thinking too much. Then it exists and you'll realise it's brilliant :)
Heh, my intro page for the zine I'm working on right now is all about how I fight with myself about whether I should be even making zines every time I try to start a new one. I tend to agonize over every page and constantly re-edit things, which is so different from how I started out...My first zine I made a rough draft in one night and then put it all together the next day.

You'll be okay, just keep going!
Well, before I put it out there, I make sure that I LOVE all of the content. Every picture. Word. Every square inch of the paper. When it's perfect to MY standards, when I love it, then I publish it. Then at least I know that I have one person supporting me and loving everything I do, ME.
If you're feeling insecure, don't. I would be thrilled to read what you have to say. And I'm sure plenty of people on this board would be thrilled to hear it too, because you are human, you are unique, and you have chains of experiences and thoughts that are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what anyone else has experienced. And that's so interesting in itself, how varied we are.
For the record, I would read your zine. Your friends, family, people here would read your zine. People at zine symposiums would read your zine. Some may love it, some may hate it, and some may not give a shit. But it's yours. You spent time on it and will grow to love it yourself, and that's all that matters.
the best part of zines is that everyone has a different idea.. now wouldn't it be boring if we all did things the same? :) nudge nudge.. don't agonize, just have fun.. that's what it's all about..


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