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Hi there. I run a niche website with a lot of readers, followers, etc., and I always wanted to create a zine and distribute it among them, so I think this is the best moment to do it. However, I find it really hard the distribution thing.

I'd like to know if there is a service where I could upload a simple PDF and people could buy the zine directly from there? I know that this could be against the idea of zines - they have to be hand made, but I can't because I live in a 3rd world country and my readers are mainly from the USA and Europe, so if I made them, the shipping costs (and times) would be awful.

I check websites like Blurb.com and tried with a magazine, but a 20 pages one is $3.99 (which could be fine) but the shipping costs are high. I don't need anything fancy, something in b&w and photocopy quality would be fine.

Thanks and sorry if this is not the place or the correct questions!

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If you can link to a PDF you can post it to a blog or in an email -- or even post it here!

If you wanted to get money, Paypal is the only thing I can think of.

Like Anna said, if you have a PDF and a website, then there should be no problem popping the file onto the website. How people pay would be the pickle.

It depends on how you want to approach the problem. You can put the shipping onto the buyer rather than worrying about it. (Seriously, I get disappointed when some online stores discount shipping to Australia. If you don't have to pay for it, why not still have it as an option. (Yes, I know there are reasons, but still.)) 

Whether you want to stick to digital or have a go at physical, there are plenty of online places where you can sell stuff. Etsy, BigCartel, Storenvy, Bandcamp, Tictail, setting up your own shop front with a service like Squarespace... It'll come down to doing the research, seeing if the costs suit you, if it's okay to sell digital goods on the site, and seeing if whatever site or service is available in your country. (Many are good with whatever countries are good with Paypal.)


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