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I thought I would start a discussion about 24 Hour Zines.

Anyone revved up to start in on one at midnight tonight, as soon as we are officially in July? (Well, I'm sure in some parts of the world, it is already July.)

I decided to start mine at 6pm on July 10, after I get home from work and have some dinner. I picked a Friday to Saturday instead of a Saturday to Sunday because the copy shop I like is closed on Sundays. It's only open until 4pm on Saturday, but I'm pretty sure I can get my copying done before then. My plan is to stay up late on Friday night, sleep a few hours, finish writing and layout Saturday morning, make copies Saturday afternoon, and have all folding and stapling done by 6pm.

What plans do other folks have?

I am having a hard time not thinking about and planning my zine ahead of time. I do a lot of planning and writing in my head before I sit down at my computer, so my mind really wants to race ahead and figure out exactly what I want to do. I am having to concentrate on not thinking, which feels weird.

So post about your 24 hour zine as you're writing it (goals, frustrations, joys,) and tell us about it once you are done. I really want to know exactly how long people worked on theirs. I plan to keep close watch on the clock as I make mine.

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I did a 24 hour comic about four years ago, and it took 11-and-a-half-hours to finish it. More details later.
My housemate marc wandered into my office looking for a pair of scissors yesterday to make a one page zine. I now feel like I'm slacking!
Looks like they finally updated the 24 Hour Zine Thing site, yay for officialness!
I'm doing a program at my library (in Olympia, WA)- 24 Hour Zine Thing & Reading. Here's a link to the event... please come if you're in the area!
I want to write a 24-hour zine when I get back from my trip to Niagara Falls. I plan to write about my trip, my fear of water, and long car rides.

Edited to say: I just read the 24-Hour Zine Thing site, and it says you can't even think about what you are going to write - no themes, nothing. I find that hard to do. Anyway, I'll still write that Niagara Falls zine, and then do another zine for the project.
I also find it difficult not to plan out my 24 Hour zine in advance. I am a planner! I am doing the best I can to clear my mind whenever my thoughts turn to 24 hour zines.
I'd like to try a 24 hour zine, but wouldn't know where to start...
I would love to do one, but I have a sleepaway camp and no computer access available during July 10th - 11th. D: It only takes me about 12-15 hours to do a zine (that's how long my last one took), so besides getting a ride to the staples, it would be a breeze for me (except staying up late. LOL, I go to bed at ten every night).
You don't have to do the 24 hour zine July 10-11. You can do the 24 zine any time during the month of July. YOU choose the dates that work best for you. I chose July 10-11 because that's what works for me. So if there is some time during July when you won't be at camp, do it then.

Sophie Mann said:
I would love to do one, but I have a sleepaway camp and no computer access available during July 10th - 11th. D: It only takes me about 12-15 hours to do a zine (that's how long my last one took), so besides getting a ride to the staples, it would be a breeze for me (except staying up late. LOL, I go to bed at ten every night).
This is what the -24 Hour Zine Thing website says, "During any consecutive 24 hours during the month of July, create a zine. "

However, I don't think there is a -24 Hour Zine Thing police force that is going to reject your zine if you do it the way you need to do it. We've all got limitations and have to work around them.

I Am said:
i have a question. well first, i think i have found the perfect day to do it: this thursday, after my last final exam... I have six hours before my flight to california, then i have about an hour in the plane to houston i have a 3 hour stop over, then give or take another to hours to san francisco... and im thinking i can make it while at home before my flight, while on the plane and during the stop over,etc. but the thing is, i dont think i can find a copying machine, printer, scanner, etc. to reproduce the zine in time. is it okay to just finish the master/original copy within the 24 hours and then just copy/reproduce it on another day when a copying machine is actually available? because it's the one day that i can actually do it... :O i go back for the second summer session in uni the following week. blargh.
I am so excited to do my zine and trying so hard not to think about it so I don't make any plans.
I definitely want to do one, but if I don't think about the idea in advance, I turn blank. I did a comic last year but I "cheated"... planned it out in advance. I am really not much for writing on the fly. But I will do one, even if it turns out to suck. It will most likely be a comic this year, too.
I don't see why you can't make two zines in two different 24 hour periods if you want.

I read the guidelines yesterday, and I didn't see anything about "limit one per customer."

And as I said before, I don't think there are 24 Hour Zine police who will swoop down on you if you break the "rules." I think the "rules" are there to encourage people to challenge themselves and not make some half ass zine just so they can claim some kind of 24 Hour Zine glory.

It is super cool that your partner is going to make a zine with you! What a great idea. I hope next year my partner and I can work on 24 Hour Zines together.

Mab said:
I finally signed up to try 24 Hour Zine Thing this year! My goals are to do something with materials I usually don't make zines with, use less white space and boring filler, and make it partly handwritten/partly typed.

Not sure exactly when I'll do it yet, but I think my boyfriend, who has never made zines, is going to try it with me while I'm recovering from my tonsil surgery the last few weeks of July.

Anyone know if we're allowed to do this twice, but on different days? I kind of want to do one when my boyfriend's here and one on my own without anyone distracting me.


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