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Is anyone planning on trying the 24 Hour Zine Challenge during the month of July? It's less than a week away, and I haven't seen any chatter about it on here as of yet.


I did it last year and was very pleased with the results! And, it really is a creative rush, especially those final few hours. So I might just do it again!

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I just finished mine <3


Subject matter includes getting the honor to be in American Mary,the panel I will be hosting at Geek Girl Con, the PPNNE zine anthology and workshop, relationships, mental illness, horror films, trying to be professional when people try to bring you down, using the name Hannah Neurotica vs. my real name, and lot’s of other stuff on my mind these days. It is handwritten within a 24 period.

I will trade <3

1/4 size

39 pags.

cover illustration by Miki Hickel.

Photocopies cost 10 cents a page. 

The zine is 5 full double sided peices of paper = 1.00 a copy

One stamp is 42 cents but I put flyers for other artists in the package so it’s like 84 cents at least to ship.

Paypal takes out a small percentage so I am guessing something like

So ideal donation would be $3

If you would like to donate more it will go toward more photocopies/materials and creative support<3


paypal: axwoundzine@yahoo.com




Finished mine last night- in 4 hours! 

Forget Me Not:  a 24 hour zine.  European cities and lost love.

"We will never have Paris.  I remember in Paris you told me you didn't want to live with me. You did anyway."

1/4 size, 24 pages.

$1 Canada and US, $2 International

I used pictures from my trip so it's at least pretty.  I'll post pictures soon and I would love to trade. <3

We are having a 24 Hour Zine Challenge in Portland at theIPRC this weekend.


It is a benefit for the Portland Zine Symposium and you can sponsor zinesters. if they complete the zine you pay your pledge but if they don't, you don't have to pay. All sponsorships of $10 or more means you get the completed zine delivered directly to you!


So, $10 donated to the Portland Zine Symposium gets you a copy of whatever zine I create in a few days. If you donate $25 I'll throw in some extra goodies for the effort.



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