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Is anyone planning on trying the 24 Hour Zine Challenge during the month of July? It's less than a week away, and I haven't seen any chatter about it on here as of yet.


I did it last year and was very pleased with the results! And, it really is a creative rush, especially those final few hours. So I might just do it again!

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I've signed up to do it for the first time this year. I'm really looking forward to it and figure I'll do it early in the month since I've been anxiously waiting for a couple of months now lol
I'm doing it!  No idea when I'll get a chance yet, but I'm really excited.  I've done a 24 hour zine before but never in July with everyone.  :)
I am doing it.   The organizers of the Richmond Zine Fest are holding an event for folks in the area to all come out and give it a whirl on July 8th thru 9th.   - http://wingnutrva.org/2011/06/24/24-hour-zine-challenge-of-2011-jul...
I am planning on doing this. It will be my first time with a 24 hour zine. As it is, I am still pretty new to making zines having just started this year. I think it would be a fun challenge, but am totally horrified that I might just sit there for the first hour or two locked in creative fear. The instructions say to not think about it and do any pre-planning of it. How are you veteran zinesters dealing with the getting started phase? working on a time-line like that? Just wondering if I should break up my time or try to be organized with my time. For instance, should the 24 hours be split up into various functions like half hour planning an overview of it? a couple hours drawing, typing up copy? a couple hours for paste-up? etc. And how do I gauge how long it's going to take to print out a specified number of pages, front and back lined up properly, and then colate and staple? Are you all just working spontaneously or do you do a bit of planning?

I'm participating! I've participated in 24-hour comic day in the past and have actually made zines in 24 hours but never officially in July. Looking forward to it!

Doreen, I'm winging it. ;)

I'm taking part this year and also encouraging others to take part too.

I'm so in. Although I'm having a HELL of a time reigning in my brain from thinking about what I'll end up doing the zine on. I'm sure other folks are dealing with this. How does everyone shut their brain off as to possible topics?


It's pretty much impossible to shut your brain down to keep from thinking of possible 24HZ ideas. My philosophy is as long as you're physically starting from nothing - that is, not using any writing or artwork you've already actually started on paper, computer, etc - that satisfies the "requirements". After all, it's supposed to be a FUN experience, right? And who's really going to know if you've been thinking about something beforehand, anyway?
I'm doing it at the Wingnut in Richmond with the Richmond Zine Fest!
Ooh, good question, Katie. Better to start in the morning or later in the day? My guess for me would be the morning, shortly after getting up. Then I'm fresh. At the very latest, 10am to 12noon. It's been awhile since I pulled an all-nighter. At least a couple years ago anyway. Although recently I've done some late nights working on projects while listening to Coast-to-CoastAM till early morning. Don't know if I can make it through the whole time-frame.
I think I would be interested in participating this year. Do you know what day it supposed to occur?
Any day you want in the month of July.

riotgrrrlaz said:
I think I would be interested in participating this year. Do you know what day it supposed to occur?


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