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It's not technically a zine... but I'm sure a load of you read it and subscribe to it... Bitch magazine needs to find $40,000 by October 15th or will die (as far as my limited understanding goes)... and that would be terribly, terribly sad as so many independent magazines have closed recently. I have no idea how the publishing world works, but yes, I thought some of you might like to know.

Info and a cute video on the site: http://www.bitchmagazine.org/

Hope this post is allowed...

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i actually had just posted about that on my zine's My Space. I would really hate to see it go. I don't subscribe, but i do pick it up from time to time in my local bookstores.
I don't subscribe because it's horrendously expensive to subscribe internationally... I just try to co-ordinate a trip to London or Oxford (where they have Borders where they sell it) in every 4 month period! I subscribe in spirit!

I love this mag and always hoped it would increase publication like BUST. I'm still missing HUES from the 1990s.

I had a subscription to both Bitch and BUST but cancelled because I started to get reproductive rights propoganda (they ask when you start, which I opted out).
beat me to the punch!

i will be very sad if BITCH goes web-only. this will be the first time ive had a subscription to a magazine since i was 13 (and sadly that one was *not* Sassy)
Does anyone know why they must have $40,000 in less than a month or face the end of the print magazine? I looked on the website but could not find any detailed explanation. If anyone knows where to find the info, please let me know.
My other thought was this... if they need $40k for THIS issue... what happens for NEXT issue?
Someone asked the same question in the comments and they replied
"I can't say precisely what the future holds—as Debbie wrote in the body of the blog post, the future of Bitch as an organization depends a lot on reader feedback—but donations are DEFINITELY an investment in the future of the organization. I say "organization" intentionally rather than "magazine," because there are serious questions about the future of print media and how it fits into Bitch's mission of whip-smart feminist media analysis and movement-building in the face of a rapidly changing landscape, both financially and technologically. The discussions and planning going on at Bitch HQ are all about that, and that's what has led to the creation of this here brand-spankin-new and much-improved website, and the podcast, and the Feminism In/Action discussions that Debbie has been hosting around the country.

There is so much rich discussion about this to be had, and so many things to be said, but the nutshell of it is that Bitch is in this for the long haul—and though we all hope that a print magazine will be able to remain a component of our work, as an organization we have to remain committed to our mission, which, after all, is not to put out a print magazine but to analyze the media-driven world around us through a feminist lens in the service of changing that world for the better. And we're going to do that in whatever ways work best. And we're asking for your support while we strategize about what ways those are, as well as for your input on what you'd like to see.

So, I agree, readers and donors absolutely deserve that information. And yes, donations are investments in the future for sure. Exactly what the future is depends on a lot of things, including your ideas!"

That doesn't really seem like a terribly clear answer...

If you read through the comments they are regularly answering questions people have: http://bitchmagazine.org/post/bitchs-fate-is-in-your-hands#comments

NicoleIntrovert said:
My other thought was this... if they need $40k for THIS issue... what happens for NEXT issue?
i got a ridiculous expensive international subscription, i bet that pretty much saved it on its own.
they're SAVED! everyone relax... for now.
I don't understand why overseas subscriptions to e.g. Bust and Bitch have to cost so much! If you buy a zine or book from the US it doesn't cost as much again in postage as the magazine itself. I would like to support them and buy a subscription if they could send the magazine in the normal mail instead of using more expensive services.
Looks like they've already made their fundraising goal -- http://bitchmagazine.org/post/weve-made-history-together.

Still, I'm subscribing to help out.
NicoleIntrovert said:
My other thought was this... if they need $40k for THIS issue... what happens for NEXT issue?

My guess is that, knowing magazines are usually planned months in advance, they probably had the content for the next issue largely ready to go & just needed money for printing costs.

It sounds like they're planning to continue as a "feminist media analysis" organization in some form & are just debating if there's even going to be a print magazine anymore. Same story is going on all over print media these days -- where i work our bi-weekly staff newspaper recently ceased printing on paper & has gone completely online. Easier to finance an online-only publication than a print one.


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