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Hello :) I've just joined today, came about this website while looking for information on how to assemble a zine once all the parts have been drawn.

I wanted to know if there is some kind of computer program where I can create a book, layout and all, then print it. I've searched all the document types, but I couldn't find anything double sided.

It's A5. Thanks so much, really appreciate help on this one.

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hi alphabet zoo,

i'd say like most things in the zine world there is no specific formula. i have found that giving people access to a zine master (i.e.: my laid out zine that i would feed through the photocopier) is a really useful way to help them think about the move from writing and layout to the photocopied object that is a zine. i also tend to take a long loads of different kinds of zines for people to look at so they can see the diversity of things that qualify as 'a zine'.

best wishes!


alphabet zoo said:

Hello, we have been running zine workshops down here in South Africa for the past year and a half but we not sure if we are doing it all right. Is there a specific formula for running zine workshops? Are there rules on what NOT do when running a zine workshop?  

Holy Shit bro! thanks for making this. You even had your pages laid out right for odd and even printing on a one side machine.. You have no idea how many people fuck that up. This looks like a great general guidebook and I'm so glad it printed off fine the first time. 

Milo said:

Several years ago I made a "booklet" for work (it's not a zine, right *wink*) called "Layout for Non-designers". It was made specifically for the students/instructors and focuses a little on Quark XPress. The overall concepts, however, may be a good guide. Emma, in your case take a look at page 6. It explains my zinester math to doing layout.

It's uploaded as a PDF file, and can be printed 2-sided and stapled.


this handy software called a piece of paper, But you'll need to buy some peripherals, such as a pen, scissors, and (optional) staples.

I use Microsoft Publisher to create the layout. I think the option is called "Booklet". Pretty straight forward. Then I drag and drop the artworks and when everything is in place I convert the whole document to a PDF, for me, it's easier to print but you could skip that last step and go print direct from the document. Cheers!



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