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Okay, I will be taking preorders for the first issue of Darling Disasters! Each copy will be $1. Unfortunately, right now I do not have a PayPal account as I had to close the one I had down because of moving and that bank not being available here and not having a bank account to link it to just yet.


It's 20 pages, b&w, quarter-sized. Darling Disasters is a per-zine/lit-zine. This issue is basically the "pilot" issue. It's the very first one and it kind of brings anyone who read my zine, Just That Good up to date on what I did on my year and a half hiatus as well as introduce new readers to my life. It's more grown up than my last zine was and has a lot more "adult" issues in it. There are several poems in it.

If you are at all interested, please e-mail me at photocopiedheart at yahoo dot com. Soon, I will have this all to a gmail account, darlingdisasters@gmail.com, but I don't have that available yet. Anyway, just let me know if you are interested!

I have no quite finished gluing it all together and will pretty much only copy on an as-ordered basis as I really don't have the money to just mass-copy right now.


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Well, actually, I'm only charging that much because I found an incredibly cheap copy shop in the new town I moved to. And even then, I can get a lot of free copies at the place my dad works at.

Sarah said:
I think she didn't have enough money to make copies, so she took pre-orders. I think someone at one of the zine LJ communities suggested it. Not many people do it, but it's not a totally new phenomenon.

Not to mention that she is way undercharging for a 20 page zine. Nowadays, $1 won't cover everything. $1.25 will, and $1.50 will if there are Paypal fees that Paypal likes to take from each order.

R.John Xerxes said:



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