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Am I the only person in Brighton on the site? I made a group, but no-one's joined. I moved here 3 weeks ago, and it would be great to meet some zine people here.

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I'm based in Ipswich but get down to Brighton when I can. My zine is stocked in Punker Bunker and The Cowley Club often has copies too. One of my favourite zines (Morgenmuffel) is produced in Brighton by a lass called Isy.

A lot of the Brighton people I know hang out here www.punknews.co.uk
I've got a couple of issues of Morgenmuffel, but it's not really my thing.
Wow, I don't think I've ever met anyone that's not keen on Morgenmuffel! What is your kinda thing?
I like about 1/4- 1/2 of it, I like the cartoons about daily life and so on, but I don't like the political cartoons, despite the fact I'm interested in politics, I find the whole anarcho-crust thing a bit smug and self-righteous, I don't really enjoy any zine on that topic.
Hi I'm from Brighton! Does Punker Bunker stock your zine as it's a good place to start. The Cowley Club also has a good zine library. I have a very mini distro which I have at the Brighton gigs I put on (listed on myspace.com/thenewwaveofcutandpaste).

Buzz at the punker bunker does indeed stock Beat Motel.

I didn't know you put on gigs! *Cough* www.zeeb.co.uk
Ha ha! Potentially at some point. I'm trying to wind down on them but did an all dayer Sunday just gone, have Off With Their Heads next week, Small Town in Nov then Arteries and Dead City Stereo in Dec and then The Steal in Jan! So if I end up with any more from March onwards will let you know!
When is the Cowley Club actually open? Is it only certain day? Every time I walk past there always seem to be shutters up, with the door locked.
I looked at volunteering for the english project, because I am a (ta-da!) EFL teacher, but they never got back to my email, and from next week I'm teaching a class at the same time.

I think whenever I've been past it's been the morning, which explains the shutness then. I looked at the website before, don't you need to be a member and recommended by another member to use the bar? That put me off a bit to be honest.
Emma Jane Falconer said:
When is the Cowley Club actually open? Is it only certain day? Every time I walk past there always seem to be shutters up, with the door locked.

I'm still yet to find it, but then I think Brighton is like Labarynth, only with far less lycra
I'm usually back in Brighton by 6ish on weeknights and live on 7 Dials, Hobgoblin's in between two places?


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