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I am curious about what kind of comics the other folks do in this group!

What kind of comics do you make? Do you have a running series, or strip?
What are your thoughts on main stream vs DIY comics?

I do Threat N Ink, a DIY collaboration of art and comics. It is contributor driven, and while at time it seems hard to find new artists or artists that will consistently contribute, every issue seems to surpass the last. Currently I am on issue #3 with #4 on the way shortly. (#4 is the Illustrated Songs issue, and if ANYONE would like to contribute, please get in touch as I still need some more artists/comics)

Some of the strips I have done for Threat N Ink are:
F-Man and Jajo (all about a super hero and his monkey)
Bad Deer (about the worst deer in the world)
Otis and Enos (a strip about past family members)
The Metal Years ( a strip about my youth as a teenage hessian)
and more!

I have also done Banzai Robot Wars, 1 issue and 12 or 13 mini comics.
A collection of comics about total robot mayhem.

Other strips/contributions I have done:
--Short Fast + Loud Kids (for the zine Short Fast + Loud, it only lasted a few issues but I collected all the strips I had done in issue #2 of Threat N Ink)
--Super Justice Punk Rock Trio, about you guessed it, Punk rock Super Heroes, i did the art, but not the story. (for Mass Movement zine in the UK)
--Illustrated a bunch of lyrics for the inside of two of Love Songs CDs (if you don't know them I HIGHLY suggest you check em out http://www.thelovesongs.com/ )

so what comics are you doing? tell me all about em! and if anyone in the group would like to trade, let me know!

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Yay! I'm glad there's a comics group!
I do a comic called "Bonerators" it's the feature in every 'ButtRagMag' issue. I have started an s&m comic befor and it got lost in moving. I also have done a silly guinea pig comic that never got finished.
Silly me-I should add that "Bonerators" is a comic about 3 superhero cocks.
I do a number of comics. My mainstay would have to be my L'il Jason Comix which is a cross between the Friday The 13th movies and Peanuts. I do a series on Fu Manchu called FuManchu VS. ..., last issue he went up against El Chupacabra. I do a series of strips called Unca Jess about Spanish film maker Jesus Franco and various other minis as they come to me.
I also publish a zine entitled Divine Exploitation that deals with the entertainment industry, but nothing mainstream.
I do an ongoing series, and some one-shots. my comic ongoing series, is Arlequim, it´s a type of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but more psychedelic. this one even won a comic championship here in Brazil (best 1998 indie Brazilian comic book); and the one shots stories i made for various zines. it´s too various.
I've done a couple of different kinds of things. The stuff on my page right now is mostly from my "Cryptozoa" series, which is meant to be a collection of really really short short stories. (I mean REALLY short; like each panel is one story...) It's kinda quiet, but I've also done my share of raucous poop jokes. Used to do a thing called Ped Xing comics, which were mostly narrative one-shots that had little to do with each other. Fiction; not so much autobio stuff.
I'm the founder of The Comix Company and creator of the Goofy Funnies series - for info on the latest issue & to check out some other shenanigans that I've been up to: http://dexter-cockburn.livejournal.com/3862.html

I live in Vancouver & draw unapologetically naughty comix in the vein of the classic undergrounds (Zap Comix, et al).
i do mini comix with weird comix, some times porn too (guilty)
I like the style of that first pic. Very cool stuff.
I'm all over the board. I struggle with autobiographical comics because I get weirded out by drawing them for some reason. I did a mini comic about a stolen iPod called Playlist, another silent comic about a pirate that meets some aliens and steals their UFO. I'm also trying my hand at doing a horror comic as well. My minicomics tend to be one-shots that I'll probably never revisit because those are the sort of minicomics that I like. I also draw a webcomic about a girl that's taking care of an alien which actually is a long continuous story.
I make a daily comic diary about living as an expat in Japan. Other frequent topics are mustaches, unemployment, being in an inter-racial marriage with children, graffiti and loving things that my wife hates (wolf t-shirts, TRON, my mustache, whiskey and really crusty punk rock.

If anybody is willing to send their stuff out to Japan I am really excited about trading for other comics. I have 6 issues out now. show me yours and I will show you mine (comix that is. . .)
Adam: I am interested in your zine! Daily journal comics (printed or online) are pretty much my favorite thing ever.

I put out two issues of a purposely-crappily-drawn (yeah, keep telling yourself that) comic about Jesus' adventures on Earth. Then I got bored with it. I'm working on something more personal, a cross between a comic and a perzine, as that's the kind of comics I like the best. I also do a daily journal comic, but I feel like it would be too expensive to print out as a zine (even a month's worth of "adventures" equals a thirty page half-sized zine), but, I might do it as a webcomic instead. But probably not, because I really hate scanning things.

More to the point, y'all should check out my distro and send me submissions or something! Black Light Diner
Hey folks...
You all can check out some of my cartoons:



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