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Hi! My name is Samantha. I live in Calgary Alberta. I am starting up a zine library here with my collective, The Zine Tree Collective.

I also write a perzine called Trees (1,2, and 3), random comics, queer poetry, and am currently working on a zine to accompany the Sexual Responsibility workshop one of my partners and I are putting on.

As well, I am a member of the radical cheerleaders here, a volunteer greaser at the community bike shop (The Good Life), and a collective member for The Bike Tree Collective and The Radical Babysitters Club.

If anyone wants to hear more about any of the things I am up to, or would like to share with me some of what they are up to, please message me on here!

I would really love to hear what zines the people on here have made or are making. I would love to hear where people are from and what the zine community is like there.

Calgary is alright. There are about 3 other people in this town that write zines, but many who are interested and will hopefully put something out very soon. I am starting to do Zine 101 workshops at our community events, and hoping to spark some more interests in zines through this.

I would really love it if people on here wanted to donate some of their zines to our zine library. It looks like there are some AMAZING zines and zine writers on here, and I think it would be really great to have some of your work in our library to inspire kids here.

If you are interested in donating to the library, please message me on here, or email me at thezinetreecollective@riseup.net


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i would love contribute any or all of my 57 past issues.....just give me an addy and i'll be happy to send them your way.....got any to trade in return?.....
Jenna Freedman on this site is a Zine Librarian and started this Zine Librarian Group that you might want to join.
I'm already on it! thanks though!

And Peg Leg, I'll send you my address as soon as you can approve me as a friend, cus I think I can only send messages to friends on here?

Alex Wrekk said:
Jenna Freedman on this site is a Zine Librarian and started this Zine Librarian Group that you might want to join.
Hi Samantha,

I just recently got invovled with ZAPP, Seattle's zine archive. ZAPP is having a reopening party (after being closed for a year for various reasons) on the 13th of September...

I would definitely donate some of my mini comics to your library. I'll send you an email...

Best wishes,
Ms. Trees,
Tell me where to send things
and you will get a package
of everything I have in print.
You can have a copy each of my two zines "Creatures and Dreams" and book art if you would like ;)

I'm from Newcastle, Australia. We're pretty into zines in my city, hosting the biggest zine fair in the southern Hemisphere... so they tell me ;)

I'd love to read your zines, they sound excellent.
i still use the po box. it is available on my page. please send donations there. awesome!


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