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hey, y'all. are there many of us on here yet? i've always struggled to find other trans related 'zines, even with kelly shortandqueer's excellent resource on the topic... it seems like there are a lot of us *no longer* doing 'zines, and also to me like there aren't a lot of other trans women and girls doing 'zines... i know there was one called UnApologetic and one called Rock Star With Purses...

i'm a 26 year old transsexual girl and i do a 'zine called night cookies (four issues so far, yay!) that is all about what I'm about: being a homeschooling mother to a six year old and a two year old, co-parenting with my ex, raising chickens that you love but which are devoured by raccoons, sex, body issues... lotsa stuff! I did a 'zine called GrrrlDick when I was a teen and then when I was 20 I did a series of 'zines (My Secret Girl Diary, Letters From Wherever, and Find Your Own Way Home) about what happens to a young trans girl who isn't out when a post-transition girl her own age moves to her town... and becomes her best friend!;) Okay, a bit contrived...

What 'zine do YOU do? <3, katie

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Hey Katie!

I'm not trans, but am a trans ally and some of my partners are trans, as well as many of my very good friends. It's surprising, but Calgary Alberta has a pretty awesome trans community.

Before I started up the zine library, I ran a distro and mainly carried queer, trans, and anti-sizism zines.

I have a few trans zines still in my collection, though most of them got sold really quickly (also another really awesome sign that the calgary community is really eager to learn about trans issues and how to support the trans people in our community.)

I would be happy to send them to you, along with some other zines or money to trade for some copies of your zines, as I would REALLY love to read them and support you as a trans zine writer!

As well, my best friend, Niq, just went through a Gender Reassignment related surgery and is planning on writing a zine. Would you be at all interested in getting in touch with him? I'm sure he would really love to speak with you! If you are interested in his contact, or in trading zines, or just being friends(!) please message me on here!

Hi Katie,

I'm also a trans ally, in New York City. My zine Absent Cause is committed to including trans writers and artists. The first issue includes poetry by activist/performance artist Imani Henry, and the second issue (out in January) will present new fiction by Isabella Wolgoth. If you know people who are having trouble finding outlets for their work, please let them know they are welcome here.

i'm not sure i can really call myself a zinester, as i'm only working on my first one right now, but i definitely have a bad case of the tran, and i'm trying to figure how much of the first issue of my zine i want to devote to trans stuff. we shall see.
not overly helpful but katie, i read #4 of night cookies when i was visiting jessika rae and hi, loved it. (i did copy your address down to send you a postcard but it appears that the innerneds beat me to your mail box. whoops.)

xo aMy
Hey Katie,
I just joined, so I don't know if there are other trans zinesters here yet. I can tell you that we've got a number of trans zines up at QZAP. In addition to Kelly's zines (Shortandqueer, Trans(in)formation), we've got zines by James Terry, Max Miriam, Hank Thigpen, and more. And we're always looking for new queer zines, or ones that we don't have.

Zines I do (or have done):
Mutate Zine 1-10
Gendercide 1-5 (current)
mini zines and 1-offs.
Gosh! I've got to remember QZAP now that we're looking for zines for our upcoming gallery show.
aMy leigh-that is very flattering that you liked my 'zine. maybe we can trade? you might like #s 1-3... and 5 is nearly done! <3, k.
katie -- i dont actually write zines myself, but id definitely be into sending you money/stamps/a mix cd for a copy of #5 when its done!
any kind of trade yr into is fine by me. or money is okay, too.;) 5 is done but i need to make copies. <3, k.

aMy leigh said:
katie -- i dont actually write zines myself, but id definitely be into sending you money/stamps/a mix cd for a copy of #5 when its done!



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