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I didn't make PZS, so I'm starting a new discussion! What zines changed your life?

Like I said in another post, the late great Happy Goat, by Jason Simplot, totally changed my life, and got me "plugged in" to this whole world. So that's up there for me. Go Metric was another old favorite, that I think is still around. When I got to Chicago I discovered War Against the Idiots, Burn Collector, Safety Pin Girl, Loitering is Good, and a ton of others that helped me meet zine friends in real life (as opposed to pen pals, which was all I'd had previously). I'm Johnny and I don't Give a Fuck is great. Oh, there's a great zine out of California called All About Fuckin, which is totally perverted and great. So Midwest is one of the greatest/thickest zines of all time, and anything by Zach Sternwalker is great.

How bout you?

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my favorite is "doris". i didn't start reading it until 1999, & i was reading zines for a long time before that, but it immediately became my favorite & still is. of zines that are currently publishing, some of my favorites are "keep loving keep fighting," "i still believe (in fire)" (which is "do not file under manifesto"'s follow-up), & "truckface". & really, a lot more.

i am trying to think of what zines really had an impact on me before i read "doris"...i was pretty into "slant"/"slander". "daffodil". i don't know! i have an entire bookcase packed to capacity with awesome zines from the 90s & i am drawing a blank. ooh, "rock candy". "tyger voyage". man, i was really into "tyger voyage".
All time favorite: That Girl by Kelli Williams
Broken Hipster - Emiko has an incredible story that makes grateful.

Vena Cava - Patrice is my homey from Alaska, and her zine shreds ass.

Brutally Morbid Axe of Satan - Really....funny shit.

Modest Proposal - I laughed out loud so much that I woke the babies, and was sent to the couch. Ryan rules so hard it isn't even funny....or, yeah.

Slug and Lettuce - I've been reading it for over 15 years, and it's always good. Christine works her ass off.

Oh...and I don't need to mention Stolen Sharpie Revolution, right? Everyone knows it's FAB-u-lous!
"Drop Dead: the zine of lesbian battering."
I would LOVE to read this. It sounds amazing.

I was really into Amusia and My Straight Faced Twin back in the day, but I've gotta say that Nomy Lamm's I'm So Fucking Beautiful blew my silly little world wide open.
Lower Forty Eight said:
Vena Cava - Patrice is my homey from Alaska, and her zine shreds ass.

vena cava!!

oh and ditto on the 'doris' and 'keep loving keep fighting' mentions. also adding 'ghost pine', 'fuzzy heads are better', 'no apologies', 'dead texas', 'resist', 'evolution of a race riot', 'emergency', and 'no snow here' to the pile.
I really love Doris, No Snow Here, Brainscan, Truckface, Echo! Echo!, Broken Hipster, Sisu, it's not just boy's fun, uhh...I'm drawing a blank!

I was really into taking back the night because it really creeped me out...

The most recent zine that I am really digging right now is Sometimes You Kill For What You Love by Tomas
three AM is great.

Also, anything by Nate is hilarious (Pick Your Poison, You Idiot, Whisky Plus, etc...)
yeah, i read that on the Paper Trail Distro website. how sad/exciting! hopefully there'll be more zines but with a different name... *fingers crossed*
Did the home made alcohol recipe involve orange juice and yeast by any chance? Tukru told me that's what skint teenagers in Finland brew up for special events.
Coffee Shop Crushes. Hands down!
The first zine I ever bought was called Straw Horse Spiral - I remember it being really funny at the time. There are so many I'm sure I'll leave some out, but some of my favorite/influential reads past and present include Jaded In Chicago, Judas Goat Quarterly, The CIA Makes Science Fiction Uninteresting series, Heart Attack, Impact, and one that you know better than anyone - Proof I Exist. :)

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