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I didn't make PZS, so I'm starting a new discussion! What zines changed your life?

Like I said in another post, the late great Happy Goat, by Jason Simplot, totally changed my life, and got me "plugged in" to this whole world. So that's up there for me. Go Metric was another old favorite, that I think is still around. When I got to Chicago I discovered War Against the Idiots, Burn Collector, Safety Pin Girl, Loitering is Good, and a ton of others that helped me meet zine friends in real life (as opposed to pen pals, which was all I'd had previously). I'm Johnny and I don't Give a Fuck is great. Oh, there's a great zine out of California called All About Fuckin, which is totally perverted and great. So Midwest is one of the greatest/thickest zines of all time, and anything by Zach Sternwalker is great.

How bout you?

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"APPLICANT" from microcosm publishing
it is the most wonderful zine i've ever encountered.
back in the beginning it was probably the likes of "smash it up" and "dna" that made we want to do zines - last zine to really make a difference was "Confederate Mack" - totally changed my way of thinking which is a pretty good achievement considering i'd already done over forty revolutions of this planet by then
chinagirl said:
soy not oi !!!!!
my first zine,;

Soy No Oi! was inspiring to me too, it was the first zine I got that was more like book/chapbook, similar to a lot of the stuff Microcosm publishes now, but back then no one was self-publishing books like that in the punk scene. Hippycore put that out I think. The thing is, a lot of the recipes and cooking tips were pretty horrible I learned as I became a better cook through the years. But it was a great DIY attempt to get punk kids cooking for themselves and thinking about cooking vegan, which while common place today, was a pretty new concept back in the late 80s when it was first published.
Kicks zine did it for me.....when i first read issue #3 i was totally blown away!! Read it from cover to cover and haven't re-covered yet!! LOL...this is is the zine that made me realize that you gotta let others know what music you're into...and maybe you'll convince a few people to get into what you really like...plus have fun doing it...

Other zines that got me interested were Bomp, New York Rocker, OP and tons of others that i still have in boxes...

BTW, i'm really glad i stumbled upon this group, had no idea that it existed!
I can't say no to Telegram Ma'am.
This list is zines only, not minicomix, b/c that's something entirely different (to me, anyway):

Long gone:
Beer Frame
Thrift Score
Farm Pulp
The Glovebox Chronicles
Peko Peko
8-Track Mind
Mystery Date

Status unknown:
Chatty Pig

Still publishing:
Leeking Ink
Fish with Legs
Hungover Gourmet
I Dreamed I was Assertive

I was a teenage mormon
Dirt + Sky (I lent my copy to a friend who NEVER gave it back to me, and I really miss it!)
We Ain't Go No Car!
Aj Michel said:
This list is zines only, not minicomix, b/c that's something entirely different (to me, anyway):

Long gone:
Beer Frame
Thrift Score
Farm Pulp
The Glovebox Chronicles
Peko Peko
8-Track Mind
Mystery Date

This could practically be my list as well, although I'd throw in Spaghetti Dinner & Dancing, The Probe, Answer Me, Dishwasher, Pathetic Life, Fucktooth and Rollerderby for gone, but not forgotten zines.

Current faves: Cometbus, Genetic Disorder (just got the new issue, first in like 2 years!), Broken Hipster, East Village Inky, Zine World and I do like Applicant (super short read!), but I thought of it more as a chapbook than a zine.
It's great to see Doris getting so much respect! Love that zine.
that would be china martens, who writes "the future generation" as well.
This is tough. I think I'm gonna have to say Truckface is my current fave.

That Girl, A Renegade's Handbook to Love & Sabotage, Brainscan and Vena Cava are also faves as well. I need to dig through my zines and my parent's house when I'm home, I haven't looked at some of those in a long time and I really need to re-read them!
my first introduction to zines was through the bikini kill/kathleen hanna stuff which forever changed me as a very impressionable 13 year old girl.

the zine that sticks with me most though was this little perzine called corduroy stars. i feel like the author got inside my head and pulled my words out onto her paper. intense, triggering and perfect.

also other favorites: no snow here, not sorry, the moose the noose and the news.



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