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I didn't make PZS, so I'm starting a new discussion! What zines changed your life?

Like I said in another post, the late great Happy Goat, by Jason Simplot, totally changed my life, and got me "plugged in" to this whole world. So that's up there for me. Go Metric was another old favorite, that I think is still around. When I got to Chicago I discovered War Against the Idiots, Burn Collector, Safety Pin Girl, Loitering is Good, and a ton of others that helped me meet zine friends in real life (as opposed to pen pals, which was all I'd had previously). I'm Johnny and I don't Give a Fuck is great. Oh, there's a great zine out of California called All About Fuckin, which is totally perverted and great. So Midwest is one of the greatest/thickest zines of all time, and anything by Zach Sternwalker is great.

How bout you?

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I don't own this zine and I'm too young to remember when it was originally published, but yes. I see V. Vale at various zine events in the Bay Area and he did a talk about punk zines at the SF Zine Fest once.

The Zine-iac said:

Remember This Legendary Zine?
COVER: Sid Vicious & Ruby Ray

Off the top of my head......    Doris, Semibold, Junk/Food come to mind immediately. Also Brainscan, Xerox Debt.....   there are many others I forget as I am getting back into the world of zines.... cant wait to unearth my zine collection which is stacked away in the basement in sturdy Sunlight, Cheer & Tide boxes....

Last zine I put out : 2008

New zines coming from me in 2014 !!!

I think Kool Man by Sean Tejaratchi is an amazing take on zine culture.Answer Me was amazing- its hard to shock people these days, but they managed. 

The first zine I got my hands on was called "Brennende Fenster", which means "Burning Windows". It was a punk/hardcore fanzine from my home town. This was around 1991. This zine actually made me publish my own zine called "Flatline". Therefor it had a big impact on me... After that, there were a lot of zines I really liked. Most of them didn't really change my life, but they often gave me new perspectives like: See-Saw (Germany), Ring Of Fire (USA), Cometbus (USA), Brainscan (USA), Wedgie (Germany), Simba (UK), Ikarus Was Right (USA), Doris (USA), Walkie Talkie (USA), Found (USA), etc.


Profane Existence

Towards a Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle

Vootie by ken fletcher and reed waller, got me started and then I couldn't stop.


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