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Hi y'all...

Did anyone make a flyer as per the suggestion on the front page of We Make Zines? I ask because I am attending a zine fair on Sunday with my distro and would absolutely love to have flyers. Now, this being said, I am not design-y in any way shape or form and I'm actually at work.. I've been searching through the site trying to find flyers but nada..

I urge everyone to make at least one flyer.... Lets have a flyer drive... I'll even make something! Can I haz flyers pleeez?

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Oh yeah, just load them as a photo onto your page (CLICK PHOTOS IN THE TOP OPTIONS AND THEN ADD PHOTOS UP THE TOP) you can then add Flyer to the title or description of the photo thus making it accessible by everyone when they search for flyer.
I have not made a flyer for my zine before but am very interested in doing so.... do you have any tips you can share with me?
I have tiny flyers that i made for WMZ. I believe they are about 1/8 sized. Just type/write something... paste a picture. voila! Not much different than making a page of a zine.
wait. Flyers for our zines or flyers for We Make Zines so that people can see them?
mulnix, search the forum archives. there was at least one, if not more than one thread started for 'flyer trades'.

i might have made flyers for WMZ a year ago when it first started, i cant remember. at any rate, i dont currently have any but i did make pins that say 'i read zines' and 'i make zines' that i sell when i table at events.
if there are any/were any flyers made for this site (wmz) can somebody upload them/link to them pls

If not is it ok for me to make some to send out with my zine?


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