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I have no business playing music, but I do. You can find some of my stuff on (here it comes) myspace, if you wanna look it up. Type in:

Quackhammer (That's just me)
Rong (me-n-my Chicago pals, mostly)
Fight Suit (me and my pal Nathan)
Whistling Jesus (me and the aforementioned Nathan, plus Mike)

How 'bout you guys?

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I've been alone on a lo-fi folk punk project, now we are two (me & nico from the french punkrock band la Relève).

it's called xtramedium
I finally gave up playing music (?) in '96 after the break~up of my last band. I had a good run in several bands from '83 to '96, but I guess I got too old to do it anymore. Or should I say I got too old to "practice"...
Just to throw it out there.... the Richmond Zine Fest is looking for musical zinesters to play downstairs during the art exhibit on Friday Night of the fest. Think about it. (It'd have to be somewhat quiteish subdued music to go with a gallery setting... such as accoustic jams or ukelele jams.)
Desert Octopi www.myspace.com/desertoctopi
beats beats beats
My band, The Stark Palace, are releasing a free E.P. damn soon. You can hear the songs on our MySpace page:

Here are the lyrics to the lead track:

Looming in her fullest bloom
Luna tumbles through the night,
a milky bowl of mirror-light.
With luminescent gaze she comes.

Mistress rising in the East, bless this night's unholy feast.
Mistress falling in the West, keep the silver from my breast.

She wakes me from my midnight-dream,
A song of silence, face of white.
I metamorph by candle light
and in my lupine form I roam.

Prowling over moor in gloom
where right is wrong and wrong is right
my sister is the owl in flight.
By tooth and claw you'll meet your doom.
Well it's just two of right now. Me and Jennifer. Small place. We made our own drums. We like the Pandoras.

Lucifer Sambo said:
Our Band is tribute band "Spread the Meat" or sometimes "Spread the Meat in Little Rock"
I thought I would throw this out there because this seems to be the audience that would get a kick out of our project:

The Copy Scams are a the band equivalent to a 24 hour zine!

Steve was visiting Portland from the UK and thought it might be fun to start a band while he was in the US. While he was in Portland he lived in a closet in the basement of the Spiral house and tricked me and my houseamtes, Paul and Marc to form a band in three weeks before the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium.

In those three weeks they wrote, practiced, and recorded 4 lo-fi pop punk songs about zines: a song full of excuses as to why the zine is late, a song about stealing photo copies, a song that reads like the ubiquitous likes/dislikes list founds in zines, and a song about the 24 hour zine challenge. Then played a show to end the Portland Zine Symposium weekend.

Go here and listen to our ridiculous songs: The Copy Scams

There's also a facebook page too.
I'm in a band called Rape Revenge, we're a feminist powerviolence band.

I'm in a band called Smokemonster. We're going on tour in the spring, so if you know of any awesome houses where we can play for gas money and home-cooked meals, let me know.
I'm a singer/songwriter, and that aspect of my life comes up a lot in my zine writing. If you guys have the time, I'd love to know what you think of my stuff! :)


C x
i play guitar/sing in an all-girl pop-punkish band called Through the Static. sometimes i play the saxophone too. mmm



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