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I have no business playing music, but I do. You can find some of my stuff on (here it comes) myspace, if you wanna look it up. Type in:

Quackhammer (That's just me)
Rong (me-n-my Chicago pals, mostly)
Fight Suit (me and my pal Nathan)
Whistling Jesus (me and the aforementioned Nathan, plus Mike)

How 'bout you guys?

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I DO like! Cool.

AndrewLips said:
cool, ill check them out later. i also do music


hope you like x
i have a Noise / experimental band, called Pesadelo Portátil ("Pocket Nightmare"). sounds collages. I made some gigs.
'have no business playing music', that's such a great phrase!

This is my band, my other love ZEEB?

I was in this band for bloody years, and it's where my name comes from - Junk Culture, we were a shite band but we had a lot of fun and I'm oddly proud!
Bigfoot woman's gonna break my bones! Sweet!

Andrew Culture said:
'have no business playing music', that's such a great phrase!

This is my band, my other love ZEEB?

I was in this band for bloody years, and it's where my name comes from - Junk Culture, we were a shite band but we had a lot of fun and I'm oddly proud!
I do, but I've never recorded anything. I suppose it's only for my own amusement, as I hate playing in front of anyone else.
in high school i was in three bands total but only two of which i played shows with- so ricki and radgoll radio. then i stopped making music for about a year, joined a band called some sort of mistress that never played any shows or recorded anything. was in this dance-noise band called hasclurhof that was actually pretty fun but only played two shows. started a lot of random projects since then, things that seemed to have lots of potential but for whatever reason went nowhere. recorded some solo stuff last summer through this past spring but i doubt i'd ever release it into the world. and now i'm starting a band with the guitarist and drummer from my first band, so ricki, again, which is exciting as all hell cuz i love them!

i played bass in the majority of these bands, sang in a few, played keyboard and made beats for hasclurhof when not singing, and for this new band i'm playing bass/synth and singing. i play a little guitar too. just bought an acoustic from my friend actually and i love her. i am such a zinegeek that i named her "doris."
haha nice. my jazz bass is "bettie" and my p-bass is named "kevin" after my dad, since it was his. i was thinking of naming my synth, organ, keyboard and other instruments with other old lady names. definitely need a gertrude. oh, and my friend once thought i called my tambourine "henry" so thats been his name ever since.
So not only do a lot of zinesters play in bands, a lot of us are also bassists!

We still have no idea what we meant by 'big foot woman', but it came about after we sat down together in the pub to write lyrics together, the pub was actually shut as they were varnishing the floor and we were serving ourselves beer, which probably explains a lot.
I probably shouldn't send people in this direction but... I play bass in Serf Combat myspace.com/serfcombat and occasionally shout along in EDS myspace.com/earthdiesscreaminguk I used to play bass in Heroic Doses till we split up myspace.com/heroicdoses and once did this odd project myspace.com/gandhimcnabb
Bloody hell, a member of heroic doses, the world really has shrunk! I'm mates with Chris, who I believe went out with someone in your band!
I "have no business" playing music, either. But on those solitary evenings, after a few beers, i press record & "the tickey smickeys" were born. (Tickey smickeys is my phonetic translation of the Spanish word "tiquismiquis" which refers to somebody who is really, really anal retentive. Like me!)

have a look for yourself: www.myspace.com/thetickeysmickeys

you can also check out my left-handed progress on a right-handed banjo at: www.myspace.com/secondhandbanjo

Kris M.
Hey Androo! You forgot to mention the noise you make in my basement with Paul!

I was in a terrible band called Cory Haim Suicide Pact... or CHSP back in 2000 or so. We were bad, but it was fun. The latest thing I did was get drunk enough for my partner Paul to get me to sing and record back up vocals on one of his songs for our split zine. He has written the music and I an working on writing the zine. Here's a link to his MySpace page in case you wanna hear me try to sing. I sing on the very last song.

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