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Just curious: how did you find out about this site?

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jethrobot brought me here thanks jethro
As a zine newbie who knows no one, I can't say I was invited. I was just wasting time on google, and it gave me a link here. Sorry, not very exciting. >.>
I got invited by a member so now you know who to blame for my presence.
I read about it on Photocopied Heart, which Katie H. told me about.
Of course it was all your fault, Jerianne. Many thanks for finding me a new way to spend more time in front of a computer screen...
I have no recollection! Weird. Maybe I was searching Ning itself...

I know it was mentioned recently on Eric Lyden's Zinegeeks list though.
"I know it was mentioned recently on Eric Lyden's Zinegeeks list though."

And I think I heard about it somewhere on myspace, but I'm not sure.
by accident, actually. but it was a happy one! glad to be here :)
Gianni Simone referred me also. Japan may be unaware of the resource it possesses. Prepare for the Greater-East-Asian-Italian-Co-Prosperity-Sphere.
A link on the City Library Street Press google group I think.
I think I found it through Google. I run an after-school creative arts program at my church. Our youth group is made up of all the kids that don't fit in other youth groups, so we have emo/scene kids/punkers/hip-hop heads/juggaloes and rejects and misfits from about 5 high schools that are rejected or ignored at other youth groups.. I've always liked subversive media and have done zine-type newsletters since I was in my 20's. I have a couple of kids that are really interested in doing their own zines and have been looking for resources to help them find their own voice and style. I look forward to learning from y'all.
lj through alex.



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